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Period of adaptation CORU Ireland

Adaptation Training for Physiotherapists in Ireland

If you are a physiotherapist or allied healthcare professional and required to undertake a period of adaptation in Ireland, Monroe Medical NI Ltd can help and provide a professional solution.


We used to provide CORU adaptation placements in Ireland and period of adaptation solutions.

However, since 2022 hospitals DO NOT offer CORU adaptation placements.

Why is that?

- Hospitals do not offer CORU period of adaptation placements because of post COVID situation in Ireland.

The waiting lists to see a physiotherapist in Ireland are extremely long. There are not enough places for students and trainees considering the cutbacks and extremely busy clinical environment.

- CORU does not allow candidates to complete a period of adaptation in a clinical setting. This makes it even more difficult to find a hospital for an adaptation placement. There are only 86 hospitals in Ireland. Moreover, not every single hospital has a Cardio-Respiratory Unit. The majority of candidates would need to completed CORU adaptation in Respiratory, MSK and Neuro.

- Staffing crises in Ireland. There are not enough clinicians to supervise candidates.

A period of adaptation would need to be supervised and assessed on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, because of serious staffing issues, hospitals do not have enough staff to offer a regular supervision for trainees.

What is the solution for candidates who need to complete a PoA (Period of Adaptation for CORU)?

There are 3 options:

- CORU appeal

- CORU aptitude test

- CORU re-submission

Please contact us to discuss these three above options.

We have 100 percent success rate at present relating to CORU appeals.


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