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Adaptation Training for Physiotherapists in Ireland

If you are a physiotherapist and required to undertake a period of adaptation in Ireland, Monroe Medical NI Ltd can provide supervised training programmes and practical sessions.


  • Do you have an CORU/ISCP Decision Letter?

  • Are you required to undertake further training and adaptation in Ireland?

The training Monroe Medical can provide will enable you to work towards Adaptation.

Next Step

If you have an CORU/ISCP Decision Letter please contact Monroe Medical NI Ltd for a free assessment and confidential discussion.

This intense course is a combination of the following:


  • Teaching

  • Mentoring

  • Supervised practicals in Ireland (in Neurology, MSK and Cardio-Respiratory)

  • Consultations


This course is aimed to increase your knowledge and skills to be an autonomous physiotherapist.



 Reza Fadaeeyani - ISCP Registered Physiotherapist

"I have applied for ISCP registration in 2016 and I was asked by ISCP to complete a period of adaptation in MSK, Neurology and Respiratory. Monroe Medical was recommended by a friend of mine who already completed adaptation in Ireland.


Monroe Medical provided excellent theoretical training and after they send me to practical sessions in Ireland, in Dublin.


I received excellent support and professional assistance.

I would highly recommend Monroe Medical".

Period of adaptation physio Ireland

POA Ireland

Adaptation for physiotherapist CORU Ireland



What is CORU/ISCP Adaptation

Adaptation is a supervised period of study and practical sessions identified by CORU and ISCP.

Where can I complete adaptation in Ireland?

We offer practical sessions in Dublin and Letterkenny. 

Why should I do adaptation?

If CORU/ISCP assessors identified some shortfalls or gaps in your knowledge/experience, an adaptation in Ireland Ireland would be required in order to fulfill these requirements.

Please contact Monroe Medical for a confidential discussion in relation to a period of adaptation in Ireland.

What is ISCP?

ISCP (The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists) is a professional body representing Physiotherapists in Ireland.


What is CORU?

CORU is a professional body in Ireland and health regulator for physiotherapists, dieticians and other healthcare professionals.



I was asked by CORU to complete a Period of adaptation in Ireland


If you have  been asked by the CORU assessors to complete adaptation, you would need to either find clinics which could offer practical placement or contact Monroe Medical.

We offer professional assistance with practical placements and adaptation in Ireland for physiotherapists.


I am an European candidate. Do I need to complete adaptation?


Please refer to you CORU Decision Letter. If your Decision Letter states that your need to complete adaptation in a physiotherapy clinic in Ireland, you can either approach various clinics yourself or ask Monroe Medical for assistance.


I am an international candidate. Do I still need to complete adaption?


If you are a physiotherapist and  CORU assessors recommended a period of adaptation in Ireland, you would need to approach various clinics in Ireland and ask if they can offer adaptation placement. Monroe Medical can also offer a non-obligatory consultation and assist with practical placements in Ireland.

Is a period of adaptation in Ireland difficult?

A period of adaptation is a period of supervised study or practical sessions in various core areas of physiotherapy. A period of adaptation certainly requires time commitment. If CORU assessors identified various gaps and shortfalls in candidate's application, a period of adaptation would be required.

How to register with CORU?

Monroe Medical is often asked about CORU Registration for physiotherapists.

In order to obtain physiotherapy registration in Ireland, the candidate would need to approach CORU and obtain an application form.

It is important to fill in the CORU physiotherapy registration forms very carefully.

The more details the candidates can provide in relation to clinical experience the better.

Physiotherapy CORU registration is a complex process as many documents and information would need to be submitted.

We are also often asked about CORU recognition for physiotherapists.

Please note that the decisions are made on so called “case by case basis”.

Please ring us in relation to adaptation for physiotherapists in Ireland. We can offer asssitance with CORU adaptation in Ireland.

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