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Monroe Medical  - An Award-Winning Medical Service 

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Monroe Medical was established in 2012 to answer the tremendous need for professional assistance with HCPC registration, CORU registration, practical placements, and career progression. 


Since 2012 we have helped hundreds of overseas candidates to obtain HCPC registration and CORU approval, find work in the UK and establish successful private clinics.


Through our mentoring and coaching, many healthcare professionals obtained progression at work from Junior Physiotherapists to First Contact Practitioners and Physio Managerial Positions.


As our reputation grew, we added professional registration packages for social workers, pharmacy technicians, doctors, nurses, and optometrists.


Our innovative and professional approach was recognized by Prestige Awards 4 times.



HCPC Registration and Recruitment packages are not the only services offered by Monroe Medical.

We offer professional courses and training programs for clinicians who would like to improve their skills and introduce unique services in their clinics.

We were the first UK-based company to provide a PRP Joint Injection Practical course.

The training also was recognized by Prestige Awards.

Many medics from Harley Street and Richmond offer PRP Joint Injections in their clinics upon
completing our courses.


We focus on all groups of candidates and for those clinicians who had gaps in employment, we introduced Advanced Practical Training in the UK.

This was a breakthrough for many candidates who struggled with interviews in finding their first physiotherapy post.

The course is designed to reduce shortfalls and allow candidates to learn how the UK-NHS medical system works.

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In 207 we have added additional services relating to recruitment.


We have established successful links with Ascenti, NHS, Virgin, and Totally in the UK and in Ireland to enable our candidates to work in the UK.

Candidates receive not only practical advice about life in the UK but also comprehensive interview preparation techniques.




Over the years Monroe Medical has proven that we can solve client’s problems even if at first they thought they were insurmountable.

Those who approached us and asked for help with HCPC Aptitude tests received professional support and obtained HCPC registration and CORU registration.

We work with experts in the medical and legal professions.

Our legal specialists can help with Tier 2 visas and Appeals for HCPC and CORU.

At present we have 100 percent success rate when it comes to CORU appeals.

Each case is treated by us on a one-to-one basis. We fully understand all the challenges our clients are facing. The founder of Monroe Medical and our associates came from abroad and established themselves as pioneers in various medical fields.

We desire the same result for those who put their trust in us and use our services.


Monika Milczarek 

The brainchild behind Monroe Medical and its founder is Monika Milczarek – an

Extended Scope Practitioner. 

In 2013 Monika noticed that many healthcare professionals require professional

assistance with adaptation, HCPC registration, practical placements, and interview preparation.

Moreover, many candidates did not know how to fill in various registration forms and

job applications.

Monika has met the professional training and consultancy service needs with a wealth

of experience from the NHS and private clinics.

Since 2013 Monroe Medical helped an endless number of candidates with practical

placements, HCPC registration, adaptation, CORU registration, and work searching.

Monika's passion and motivation are the keys to the tremendous success of Monroe


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Mustafa Kamal Sohel 

Sohel is an international pioneer in PRP Injections and a Senior Lecturer at Dhaka University.

The PRP Injection Course was the first training in the UK consisting of live sessions and practical elements including 40 live patients. This training was highly commended by the medics who attended.

Sohel helped many candidates to climb the physiotherapy attainment ladder and obtain the highest standards relating to their clinical excellence.

His students work in the most prestige clinics in the UK.

Sohel is also our Senior Consultant in the Asian market.

He is extremely keen on helping his students to obtain work in NHS hospitals in the UK.

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Konrad Kolecki 

Konrad is our key person when it comes to the Irish and Eastern European market.

Konrad has worked for over 40 years in various medical establishments in Eastern Europe and the Republic of Ireland.

He helped our candidates to establish businesses and apply for the highest positions within the NHS and HSE.

He was the first one to introduce the PRP Face and Hair course to the Northern Irish market.

Konrad has excellent knowledge about HCPC registration and expertise when it comes to the legalities for healthcare professionals and immigration.

Konrad is well known for his positive approach and going the extra mile for those who would like to work in the UK and Irish Health Services.

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Shishir Meshram M.A B.Sc MHCPC 

Shishir is an experienced clinician and Senior Associate at Monroe Medical.

Having worked in the UK and India, he understands what challenges are faced by candidates from Asian countries.

He specializes in HCPC registrations and appeals. He has been successful in preparing candidates for the aptitude test 

He is friendly, yet his professional approach has been recognized by hundreds of candidates.

His greatest pleasure in business is when candidates not only obtain registration but also climb the physio attainment ladder to band 8 positions and are able to open their own businesses in the UK.

"I started my journey to get registered with HCPC last year in June 2019. It was quite a lengthy process, and I did not know much about how to go about it. I cannot thank Monika Milczarek from Monroe Medical enough for her help, guidance, and encouragement. Today  I am registered with the HCPC and I have also finally received a job offer from the NHS. This was all due to

getting in touch with the right agency(i.e. Monroe Medical )." 

 Abdullah Lodhi - HCPC Registered Physiotherapist, NHS

“Thank you very much for your professional assistance and help with HCPC registration. I have completed adaptation    

 through Monroe Medical and now I work as a Senior Neuro Physiotherapist. I recommend

 Monroe Medical to anyone who would like to complete placement and be registered in the UK. 

Gabriela Pasztor, London: HCPC Registered Physiotherapist, Private Clinic

"Starting a career in the UK without a hint of direction and pathway to follow was a difficult task for me. I was fortunate enough to have an interaction with Monroe Medical who guided me in HCPC REGISTRATION AND WORK.  Monroe Medical helped me out in achieving my dream of having a clinical PLACEMENT in the UK and registration. Monroe Medical first helped me in getting registration and then obtaining a  placement within a very short period of

time which I still find hard to believe. Monika helped me and remained in touch.  I cannot thank Monroe Medical enough for all their help."

 Junaid Sheikh, Kent:  HCPC Registered Physiotherapist, Private MSK Clinic

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