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Monroe Medical is a professional and affordable care provider of quality live in-care and home help packages tailored to every client’s needs with an effective and proactive monitoring system.


The company was established by a successful UK Registered Senior Specialist Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner.


Through her work in the field of advanced physiotherapy sh became aware that affordable and professional Home Care can provide a more acceptable solution for many people in todays society.  


After working for 12 years in NHS Intensive Domiciliary Support Scheme in Belfast and St Barth’s Intermediate and Community Service in Liverpool, a lack of a comprehensive training programmes among carers became evident. 


Monroe Medical decided to implement a new approach based on  Professionalism. 


Monroe Medical offers a cost effective and efficient service in Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland. Friendly carers are trained by  UK registered Physiotherapists, offering the highest level of care and home exercise programmes to improve the quality of life and wellness.
At Monroe Medical, we fully understand that selecting a private home care provider is a decisively important decision.


Our dedicated and registered healthcare professionals provide guidance and assistance to clients throughout the entire process.


After a comprehensive assessment, we present the professional Carers for the client’s approval. The matching process is based on client’s preferences, clinical needs, and requirements. 


Our customers  can either meet or interview the carers before they commence care service.


The performance of candidates is regularly evaluated to ensure continual excellence of caring standards are delivered. 


We would also seek your feedback on a regular basis to ascertain all your requirements are met and fulfilled.


Our carers are also trained to provide Exercise and Mobility Programmes designed and supervised by our Senior Specialist Physiotherapists.


To discuss your care needs and to find out more about how Monroe Medical can assist please call us on 02896009064 or send an email to info@monroemedical.co.uk.
We are proud to offer excellent, competitive rates, often significantly lower than those of our competitors.
Our live-in care services are an excellent alternative to nursing or residential home placements.

We offer the following services:

- Belfast - live in care, Belfast home care

- Dublin - live in care, Dublin private home care

- London - live in care, London private home care

- Liverpool - live in care, Liverpool private home care

- Manchester -live in care, Manchester home care

- Sheffield - live in care, Sheffield home care

- Birmingham - live in care, Birmingham home care

- Oxford - live in care, Oxford home care


Please study the table of costings below:-

To discuss your requirements and obtain independent advice regarding funding please ring 02896009064.



Monroe Medical offers a variety of professional, quality, private home care services to promote independence, dignity, and well-being.


Our two main services - Live-in and home help care - allow clients to remain safe in the comfort of their own home.


 It is also an excellent and affordable alternative to the nursing home placements.



By choosing 24-hour care at home, you benefit from maintaining your routines and privacy.

Remaining in familiar home surroundings is also highly recommended for patients suffering from dementia.


Our professional live-in care services include:

  • Companionship care - our friendly carers assist with various daily activities to ensure the client’s safety and well-being is maintained at all time.

  • Personal home care  - our carers help to support quality and dignity in all aspects of life.

  • Complex nursing care - matched to the needs of the specific physical and/or mental conditions.



Our carers are also trained and experienced in caring for range conditions including:



Alzheimer ’s disease

Parkinson’s Disease





The same experienced carers, who support our live-in care clients, are also available for hourly care services:

These hourly visiting care include:

  • Assistance with using the toilet, commode

  • Support with washing and general housework tasks,

  • Collection of prescriptions, shopping

  • Exercises for physical impairment

  • Help with attending appointments

  • Preparation of homemade meals

  • Assistance  with feeding

  • Transferring clients in and out of bed

  • Walking practice

What is really important in relation to live in care service in Liverpool? How to choose the most professional home care service in London? Any reliable live in care services in Manchester?

Nursing care and home care agencies in London offer various services for clients who would like to obtain quality care in the comfort of their home.

There are three important factors to take into consideration before commencing the live in care service:

Live in Carers in London Live in care Oxford

It is important that the carers are well trained and experienced.

They should also be vetted and have professional references.


Specialist care

It would be also crucial if the home care agency offers specialist care.

Monroe Medical offers the following:

  • Dementia care in London and Belfast, companionship and live in care in Belfast

  • Domiciliary care in London and Belfast, live in care in Dublin

  • Elderly care in London, Belfast and Dublin, live in care in Sheffield

  • Alzheimer care Belfast, London, Dublin

  • Nursing care in Belfast and London, live in care in Birmingham

  • Respite Care in Belfast, London and Dublin

  • Private home care Birmingham

  • Private home care Sheffield, live in care Oxford

  • Private home care Oxford,

  • Private home care Liverpool,live in care Manchester

  • Private home care Manchester, live in care Liverpool



Exercises and mobility practice

We feel that the majority of the clients would benefit from the walking practice and fall prevention exercises. These exercises not only boost the confidence and well-being but also help to prevent various injuries.

Please ask our home care and nursing care division in Belfast about these excellent services.

We also have branches in Birmingham and Dublin.


Management team

Caring and experienced nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists can certainly understand various needs of vulnerable clients.

Out team consists of top class consultants, registered senior physiotherapists and nurses.

Please ring our landline to enquire about live in care service and home care packages in Belfast and London.

We offer affordable home care in Liverpool and private home care services in Manchester.

Live in care London - 24 Hour Support In Your Own Home
Knowing  that you or a family member would require a complex or nursing care is challenging. We understand that it is not an easy decision.

However, obtaining a quality care from a live in carer does not mean that the client will lose independence.

In fact, home care and mobility practice which we offer, can help our patients to remain home for as long as possible and improve mobility.

Some of our clients have a lifelong complex condition, such as Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy, then a live in care is the most suitable option.

According to our long term patient Angela McKee “live in care was the best decision I made for my mind and mobility”.

 Also for clients who are recovering from an injury or surgery, a 24 hour home carer can offer assurance that you remain safe in your own home with a dedicated live in carers. Please ring our Belfast, London or Dublin branch and enquire about home care and live in care services.

We offer affordable home care in Oxford and home care services in Sheffield.


How Does Home Help Service Work?

Private home care (also called Live-in care service) in England and Northern Ireland offers a personalised and cost-effective alternative to nursing home care.

Private home care provides the highest level of one-to-one support and companionship. This excellent private care service also allows your loved one to remain in the comfortable and secure surroundings of home.

It brings an added sense of security and assurance to clients, as well as to the families living further apart.

For persons suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, the additional benefit of Live-in Care and Home Care is to establish routines in a familiar environment –crucial factors in ensuring maximum stability for sufferers.

Our Personal Carers will normally be expected to cook, providing nutritious meals, engage you in the activities you enjoy and most importantly spend quality time supporting you to achieve set goals.

Home help carers are normally expected to sleep overnight. They would require their own bedroom. In any 24-hour period, the home care worker is entitled to two hours’ time off.

Monroe Medical will always choose the most appropriate live-in or home help carer to work with your loved one.

Our home help and home care services help you and your loved ones maintain independence while providing bespoke one to one care.

To find out more about the specialist home care and home help packages in Northern Ireland please email or ring us.


We feel that with a well-trained carer and a professional live-in care or home nursing package,  can be an affordable alternative to a nursing home.



Reasons to put our carer as your FIRST CHOICE


  • Our medical team  interviews every carer with scenario testing, competency screening, psychological tests, and clinical case studies. This helps us to identify vocationally minded candidates.

  • Our carers have a recognized extensive medical background.  They also need to demonstrate a caring disposition which is important for their demanding role.

  • They can also offer a unique exercise programme which can boost mobility and promoted self - confidence.

  • We also regularly seek  customer’s feedback to ensure that quality care is maintained. 

  • You can rely on our professionalism to guarantee that a genuine commitment to care takes place and is monitored.

Live in Care

Monroe Medical offers various types of live-in care services including short term and long term home care for the elderly, young patients and couples.

We also specialise in respite care, care for dementia, and care for Stoke Survivors. 

Types of care we offer

  1. Short Term Care/Respite Care

Short-term home care for the elderly can last from few days to few weeks.

Respite care offers a short term live-in care solution.

This would allow a care giver (or a family member) to take time off or a short break.

If the family members looks after their relatives, they may need a break for the following reasons:

  • Various emergency cases

  • If the carer/live in carer needs to attend medical appointments or falls ill

We can provide quality care at short notice.

Please contact Monroe Medical for more information

      2. Long Term Care

Home care for the elderly in their own home is an excellent and long - term alternative to residential or nursing care homes. The cost of care at home is also affordable.

According to recent study, 45 % of the patients prefer to remain home.

Our Live-In Care Services include:

  • Companionship

  • Freshly cooked meals

  • Shopping

  • House work

  • Providing prompts and reminders around medication and various appointments.

  • Professional care

  • Support with hobbies and interests

  3. Live in Care Specialists –Physiotherapist -led service

There are many patients who have complex care needs. 

Our live in carers are well- trained and have experience to support clients with the following condition:

  • Physical disability

  • Brain injuries

  • Dementia

  • Palliative care

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Stroke recovery.

  • Neuromuscular conditions

Our live in carers are trained by Registered Physiotherapists.

They also provide Exercise and Rehabilitation Programmes to promote quality of life and independence.

live in care London, home care London

live in care Dublin, home care Dublin

live in care Belfast, home care Belfast



We work together with families and any clinicians involved, creating a service that will offer reassurance and professionalism.

Please contact Monroe Medical for more information.

Home care provider - professional service in London, Dublin and Northern Ireland


The number of patients who require professional care is growing.

Many clients feel that their health and well-being can significantly improve in familiar home surroundings.

Remaining at home allows the clients to maintain their life style, routines and activities.

However, it is important to involve a well-established and recommended home health care service.

It does not matter, if the client asks for live in care, hourly care or home care – an experienced and well-trained live in carer would need to provide excellent quality care.

That is why at Monroe Medical we training our carers and provide specialist training.

Other home care providers may accept all their applicants.

At Monroe Medical we only accept 3% of all the applicants.

The candidates also need to pass various case scenarios, complete the course and pass many interviews.

We only accept candidates who have superb references and clinical experience.

We believe that only with top class live in carers we can offer excellent and professional home health care service.

What makes us different from other home care providers is a mobility component which is provided by live in carers.

Our carers offer exercises and mobility programmes, as well as fall prevention training and supervised walking practice.

Many of our clients benefit from daily exercises which are reviewed by registered clinicians.

Please read a testimonial below from Michael from London.


“I have MS and my left leg is much weaker than the right one. I also have a mild hearing impairment.

Monroe Medical provided not only a top class live in carer but also an exercise programme which was practiced by me every day.

It really helped and improved strength in my upper body.

I would recommend Monroe Medical as the best home care provider”.


Many clients also benefit from transfer and walking practice.

This can be also provided by Monroe Medical and supervised by live in carers.

“I could not get up from bed on my own because of arthritis in my knees and recent hip replacement.

Monroe Medical provided an assessment and comprehensive physiotherapy treatment.

We also received instructions about mobility and after 2 months I could get up from bed and chair with a minimal assistance. This is an achievement for me. Very professional home care provider.

Thank you” Margaret McKee, Belfast


Please ring us for more information about live in care and home help services.

Tel: 02896009064

Mob: 07460320034

Unit 581
Moat House
54 Bloomfield Avenue
BT5 5 AD

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