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Re-applying for CORU Registration



Reapplying for CORU Registration: What You Need to Know

Have you received a rejection letter from CORU Registration?

Have you been denied entry to the CORU Register?


You have 4 options:

When candidates do not meet the CORU Standards of Proficiency, CORU assessors may request additional evidence of essential experience, skills and knowledge. Employment gaps can also lead to a rejection. Shortfalls in clinical experience and independent practice may require candidates to meet additional requirements.

Please contact Monroe Medical and we will assist with CORU Re-submission or CORU Appeal.

What Can You Do if You've Been Denied Entry to the CORU Register?

If you've been denied entry, carefully review your CORU Decision Letter. If you have good grounds and you feel the decision is unfair, you have a legal right to appeal.

 You have also the option to reapply and resubmit your CORU Registration forms. However, if assessors have identified gaps in your application, you must address them:

  • If you lack sufficient clinical experience, you need to gain additional experience and practical sessions

  • If there are gaps in the subjects you studied, consider returning to university or completing relevant CPD courses

Once you've addressed these issues, you can reapply for CORU registration.

What If You Disagree with the Assessors' Decision?

Some candidates have the right to appeal; refer to your CORU Decision Letter for details. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to submit a new CORU Registration form. However, ensure that any previous gaps and shortfalls listed in your CORU Decision Letter have been resolved:

Having substantial grounds for appeal is crucial. The appeal process can be intricate, and sometimes resubmitting your application is the better route.

Feel free to reach out to us for a confidential discussion to advance your clinical career. We can also provide practical sessions if needed.

Can I Resubmit My CORU Application?

Absolutely, you can.

If, for any reason, your admission process was halted, you can initiate a new application. However, you must formally request withdrawal of your initial application from the CORU Registration department in writing.

What Is CORU Resubmission?

In essence, it involves submitting your CORU application form for a second time. Contact us to learn more about the re-admission process. We're here to assist you in navigating the complexities of CORU registration.

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I highly recommend Monroe Medical.Shishir has helped me a lot during my  registration journey.Thanks a lot for the support and guidance.

Aniitha George 


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