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How To Register With HCPC?

How to register with HCPC ?

HCPC Registration

HCPC Registration  - An Award-Winning Service 

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hcpc registration, how to register with hcpc, hcpc registration for physiotherapists, hcpc register 

HCPC Registration for Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Biomedical Scientists, Radiographers, SLT's, OT's, Social Workers
To work legally in the UK, clinicians would need to obtain HCPC registration in the UK.
HCPC registration process is complex. 
If the forms are incomplete, or some documents are missing, HCPC assessors may ask for additional verification, aptitude test, competency exam, or adaptation period.

Monroe Medical has a successful track record with the HCPC registration process for overseas and European candidates.
Our registration packages are more than just completing the forms.

Our team of registered clinicians can offer professional support and guidance.

Monroe Medical can provide comprehensive assistance with the HCPC forms.

Our service consists of the following elements:
- Detailed "step by step" guide relating to HCPC forms and registration procedures.
- Verification of various documents.
- Professional mentoring and coaching about multiple elements and components required by the HCPC. 

We receive many calls, and candidates enquire how to register with HCPC in the UK.

Please read below the most common questions asked by our candidates.

How do I register with HCPC in the UK? What is HCPC Registration in the UK?

HCPC is a professional body responsible for providing registration to physiotherapists, OTs, psychologists, etc.
If you would like to work legally in the UK, you need to obtain a valid HCPC license.

To register with the HCPC, candidates would need to complete the HCPC application form and attach various documents relating to experience, transcript, and clinical competencies.

How can I complete HCPC registration forms correctly?

It is crucial to complete the forms professionally.
If information and details are missing, HCPC assessors may ask for additional competency exams or aptitude tests.
You need to read the forms carefully and attach certified documents listed in the HCPC application form.
Alternatively, you can contact us to obtain professional assistance with the HCPC registration process.

How to register with HCPC in the UK as a physiotherapist?

You will need to hold a degree/diploma or a physiotherapy certificate and have relevant clinical experience. If you do not have clinical expertise, please click here to find out more about our practical sessions programs.
Please note that the HCPC registration forms for physiotherapists are very similar to the HCPC application forms for psychologists or radiographers.
IELTS certificate is also required for a specific group of candidates.
The HCPC Registration Department would also require proof of address and a copy of your ID.

What is the "Course Information" form?

If you would like to register with the HCPC in the UK as a physiotherapist, you will need to submit the "Course Information" form.
This form would need to be completed by your university. This document consists of all the modules you studied at university.

How to register with HCPC in the UK as a biomedical scientist? Do I need clinical experience?

HCPC does not specify precisely how many years of clinical experience are required. If you fulfilled the proficiency standards during your clinical placement or internship, you could apply for the HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist.

What are Standards of Proficiency? I want to register with HCPC as a psychologist. Where do I find these standards? hcpc registration, hcpc uk, hcpc register

Standards of proficiency are available on the HCPC website. They exist to protect the public, and they are unique for each profession. These standards set clear expectations for psychologists, physiotherapists, etc.

How long does it take to register with HCPC in the UK? I want to register with HCPC as a psychologist. How long will I wait for an answer from the HCPC? Please advise.

The entire HCPC registration process should take approx. 60 days.
However, if some information is missing or HCPC assessors will ask for further details, it will increase the waiting time.

How can I re-register with the HCPC in the UK?

To re-register with the HCPC in the UK, you will need to fill in the Readmission application form and fulfil the "Return to practice" requirements.
You are legally allowed to remain up to 2 years out of practice.
If you haven't practiced physiotherapy for over two years, you will need either 30 or 60 days of supervised study and practical placement in the UK.
Please read more about our Return to Practice Programmes.

How can I complete HCPC registration forms for radiographers? I did not work for the last four years. What can I do?

If you have not practiced radiography for over four years, you will need to meet the termed "return to practice" requirements.
A 60-day supervised study and practical placement would be required for clinicians that did not practice for four years,
Please contact us for further information concerning practical placements.

Would I like to register as a radiographer with HCPC in the UK? My employer is not keen on providing references. What can I do?

The HCPC would require two professional references in the HCPC application forms.
If your current employer does not want to provide references, you can use another referee.
It can be your superior from your internship or your senior colleague who supervised your work.

How do I maximize my chance for HCPC Registration?

HCPC Registration is a complex process. To be on the HCPC register, HCPC forms would need to be completed correctly and HCPC Experience Section should contain various details. HCPC Registration is an achievable goal. However, Sound preparation would be required. Various documents would need to be certified. 

Why choose Monroe Medical for assistance with the HCPC forms?

We have a successful track record relating to HCPC registration in the UK
We go the extra mile for candidates by not only helping with the HCPC forms but also assisting with work placements
One hundred percent of our clients would recommend Monroe Medical for career development and assistance with work search. Please view successful testimonials on our Facebook page.

Why do some candidates obtain negative outcomes when it comes to HCPC registration?
HCPC registration and the outcome of the HCPC registration would depend on various elements.
These elements are:
 - your experience
 - transcript
 - gaps in employment 
It is crucial to provide as many details as possible in your HCPC Registration Form and include various details (standards, settings, conditions, etc.) in your Experience section. 

What can I do to speed up my HCPC Registration process? I am waiting 4 months for an update. 

HCPC Registration assessors may be extremely busy at present because of COVID 19.
You can either ring the HCPC Registration department or forward an email and ask for an update.

If all the forms are completed correctly, candidates should obtain an update from the HCPC within 3-4 months. 



I have applied for the HCPC registration but I haven't received any update from the HCPC registration department.

Sometimes candidates do not receive an acknowledgment from the HCPC registration department.
Please, be assured that if the currier delivered your HCPC application form and additional documents, HCPC assessors definitely have your documents and HCPC registration form.

That is why it is vital to forward your HCPC registration form via a registered letter, if possible.

Our candidate Gabi has received HCPC approval. Please contact us for further information. 
The most common questions asked by our candidates in March about HCPC registration
When will I hear from the HCPC assessors about my HCPC application? I forwarded my form three months ago.
HCPC assessors are extremely busy at present.
Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks to obtain an update and reply about your HCPC registration forms.
Please be assured HCPC Registration Department will definitely come back to you with an update and information.
What are current compensatory measures if my HCPC Registration form is not fully approved?
If HCPC registration assessors identify some gaps and shortfalls in your HCPC registration form, you may be asked for the following:
- aptitude test called also a competence exam
- case studies
Please contact us and we will provide further information about our professional assistance in relation to the above requirements and HCPC Registration. 
Do I need to be based in the UK to apply for the HCPC registration?
No, you can apply for the HCPC registration from any country.
Please join our Facebook - Monika Milczarek and YouTube for free tips and update about HCPC.



My HCPC registration forms were lost. What can I do?


We always advise candidates to forward HCPC registration forms via registered letter. 

If you obtained an update from the HCPC registration department that your forms were lost, you would need to ring HCPC and provide the registered delivery number. 


My previous HCPC registration was refused. What can I do?

It really depends on your HCPC Decision letter.

If you were asked to complete adaptation or sit an aptitude exam, you will need to fulfill these requirements to obtain HCPC registration.

If, however, your application is closed, you can legally submit a new application.


I was asked to write case studies and add them to my HCPC registration application. What can I do?

There are many examples of case studies.

However, it is important to follow the MSK UK protocol for case studies and include subjective and objective assessment in your HCPC case studies.

You need to refer to your HCPC Registration Decision letter and include standards of proficiency listed by the HCPC Registration assessors. 


There are some issues with my clinical practice. My manager referred my case to the HCPC Registration Department. What can I do? Will I lose my HCPC registration?


HCPC registration department receives various complaints about healthcare professions. 

Of course, if it comes to a gross misconduct, it is serious as it may affect patient's health and safety. 

We had cases where candidate forgot to sign the assessment forms or someone did not renew their HCPC registration.


It is important to be well prepared for the hearing and present your case as best as you can.

Please ring us for a free consultation.

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Do you require assistance with the HCPC registration forms? Click here for additional details. 

Professional assistance with HCPC forms and CORU registration. Please click here for further info


I had taken Monroe Medical's  service for getting registered with HCPC.

Her help and support in filling the form had helped me a lot. She is  ready to answer all the doubts and questions during my process. I recommend Monika and her service to everyone who is looking for a registration and work in the UK. Sai Jaanu


I would like to thank you your help. I appreciate your support. Monroe Medical helped with case

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 Ingrid Tanko, Physiotherapists 


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How to register with HCPC
hcpc registration
hcpc registration
hcpc registration
hcpc registration

Are you a physiotherapist?

Would you like to work as a physiotherapist in the UK?

We can assist with HCPC registration

How to register as a physiotherapist with HCPC?

To work legally as A PHYSIOTHERAPIST, you would need to obtain HCPC registration.

Many candidates ask Monroe Medical if there is a way to bypass this process.

Physio is a regulated profession in the UK and each physiotherapist would need to be HCPC registered to work legally in the UK in a hospital or private clinic.

What is HCPC?

HCPC is a regulatory body based in the UK. This governmental organisation is responsible for registration for physiotherapists, radiographers and biomedical scientists.

What is HCPC registration form?

To register with the HCPC, candidates would need to complete HCPC registration form and also add various documents and Course Information form.

Please contact Monroe Medical to enquire about the above professions and eligibility.

How to register as a Physiotherapist in the UK?

If you have a degree or diploma in physiotherapy, you can legally apply for HCPC Registration.

Please remember HCPC registration assessors also take into consideration your syllabus, experience etc.

Please ensure you fulfil the following elements to apply as a physiotherapist in the UK.

- You hold a physio degree from overseas

- You completed student internship/student practical placements

If you answered the above questions positively, you can fill in an online HCPC registration form.

A guide to obtaining HCPC Registration.

1. Ensure you have all the required documents. Please click here to read about required documents

2. Read the HCPC Registration guiding notes

3. Fill in the HCPC Registration form

4. Submit the application form and fee

How long would I need to wait to know if my HCPC Registration is successful?

The processing time depends on many factors.

If the HCPC registration forms are completed correctly and HCPC registration assessors do not ask for further details, it should take approx. 2 to 3 months for an update.

How to get HCPC registration as a healthcare professional?

Your HCPC registration pathway depends whether you completed your study in the UK or abroad.

What documents should I forward together with my HCPC application form?

- A completed HCPC registration form

- Certified copies of two forms of ID

- Course Information form

- A proof of your address

I live in the UK since 2005 and I use English on a daily basis. Would that be enough to obtain HCPC registration?

If you live in the UK and you use English as your first language, you do not need an IELTS certificate. You can forward HCPC Registration form and tick the box that English is your first language.