HCPC Registration – Speech and Language Therapists (SALT's)


If you would like to work legally in the UK as a SALT, you would need to register with HCPC.

Many candidates make enquiries and ask if they can work in the UK without a valid HCPC registration. 

HCPC registration is necessary if you would like to work legally in the UK.

Candidates would need to fill in the HCPC Registration and attach the following:

 - a copy of candidate's ID

 - HCPC Registration pack

 - a proof of candidate's address 

 - final degree


What is the most challenging element in HCPC registration for SALT's?

SLT's would need to obtain an IELTS certificate (7,0 in each component).


Do I need to attach the Course Information form to my HCPC Registration form?

Yes, the Course Information form is vital and would need to be forwarded to HCPC Registration department.


I have B.Sc. in SALT. Am I eligible to apply for HCPC registration?

Yes, you can apply for the HCPC Registration with your bachelor degree. 

If you have any additional queries about HCPC registration please ring us and arrange a consultation with our HCPC Registered Experts.

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