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hcpc registration

HCPC Registration

Re-submission and Re-admission 

Re-submission  -HCPC registration 

Re-admission - HCPC registration 


Have you received a refusal letter from the HCPC?

Have you been refused entry to the HCPC Registrar?

If candidates do not fulfil the HCPC Standards of Proficiency, HCPC Registration assessors may ask for further evidence of necessary experience.

If candidates have gaps in employment, it can also lead to a refusal.

If there are shortfalls relating to clinical experience and independent practice candidates may be asked for additional requirements.


What can I do if I have been refused an entry on the HCPC Register?

If you have been refused entry to the HCPC register, you need to read your HCPC Decision Letter carefully.

You can re-apply and re-submit your HCPC Registration forms.

However, if HCPC registration assessors have identified gaps in your application you need to ensure these can be accounted for.

For instance, if you do not have enough of it you need to gain clinical experience.

If HCPC assessors identified some gaps relating to the subjects you studied, you need to either go back to university or complete some CPD courses.

Once these gaps and shortfalls are sorted you can re-apply for the HCPC registration.


What can I do if I disagree with the Decision of the assessors?

Some candidates will have a right to appeal. Please check your HCPC Decision Letter for further information.

On some occasions it will be more beneficial to submit a fresh HCPC Registration form.

However, it is vital to ensure that previous gaps and shortfalls listed in your HCPC Decision Letter, have been identified and delt with.

If the HCPC assessors identify gaps in your experience, you will need to complete a practical placement.

If there were gaps relating to your curriculum then your need to ensure you have clinical knowledge about the relevant modules and standards.

It is vital to have good grounds to appeal.

The appeal is a complex process and sometimes it is more beneficial to re-submit your application.


Please ring us for a  confidential discussion to help further your clinical career.

We can also help with practical sessions for you, if required.



Can I re-submit my HCPC application?

Yes, you can.

If for some reason your admission process was stopped you can submit a new application.

However, you will need to approach the HCPC Registration department in writing and ask to withdraw your initial application.


What is HCPC Re-submission?

Simply it means submitting your HCPC application form for the second time.

Please ring us to find out more about the re-admission process.

I am very grateful to Monika and Shishir for their outstanding assistance in obtaining my UK physiotherapy registration with such ease and efficiency. The entire process was seamless, and I was able to receive my HCPC registration promptly. Monika's delightful and accommodating nature made the experience pleasant. Shishir's remarkable skills were evident as he navigated heaps of applicants and patiently managed well my application. Both Monika and Shishir's dedication and expertise have left a lasting impression, and I can confidently say they are the best team for anyone seeking registration support in UK. Thank you both sincerely for your invaluable help!Kent Juan Resquir

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Will my HCPC Registration form be rejected if I am not a member of Physiotherapy Association in my country? No, your HCPC registration will be not rejected. However, if you are a member of a professional body in your country, your HCPC registration will be stronger and you maximise chances for a successful approval of your HCPC registration. In my country, we do not have an equivalent to HCPC. What can I do to maximise my chances for a successful approval of my HCPC registration. hcpc registration, hcpc register, hcpc registration If you are not a member of a physiotherapy association in your country your HCPC registration form will not be rejected. Some countries do not have an equivalent to HCPC. In that case you need to leave this section blank. FAQ HCPC forwarded a payment link to pay for the HCPC Registration but the link is not working. What can I do? You would need to request a new payment link. You can ring HCPC registration department and ask for a new link. If the link is still not working, HCPC would provide bank details and you can pay via a bank transfer for your HCPC registration. I have changed my address since I applied for the HCPC registration. What shall I do? You would need to notify the HCPC registration department as soon as possible. You would need to attach a proof of your new surname. HCPC registration, CORU registration, hcpc form, hcpc fee, hcpc cost, hcpc registration for international, hcpc registration, hcpc registration criteria, hcpc registration, how to get hcpc registration, hcpc register, hcpc apply for registration, hcpc, hcpc registration online, hcpc registration application, hcpc registration, hcpc registration for physiotherapist, hcpc appeal, hcpc case studies, hcpc aptitude test, hcpc test of competence, hcpc registration, hcpc

How can I prepare my document and apply as an international candidate for the HCPC. "Preparing Your International Application: A Step-by-Step Guide"HCPC registration Before you dive into the application process, we want to ensure that you are well-prepared. As an international applicant, there are a few crucial steps you need to take to make your application to the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) as smooth as possible. 1.Educate Yourself: Start by thoroughly reading all the guidance pages available in the international applications section. These pages contain essential information that will help you navigate the application process effectively.HCPC registration 2.Gather Your Documents: One of the fundamental requirements is providing certified copies of specific documents during the application. Before you proceed, make sure you have all the necessary documents prepared and ready for upload.HCPC registration 3.Understand the Standards in the HCPC Registration forms: To successfully join the Register, you must familiarize yourself with the HCPC standards that pertain to your profession. These standards include: •The standards of proficiency for your profession. •The standards of conduct, performance, and ethics. •The standards for continuing professional development. It's vital that you comprehend and can demonstrate how you meet these standards through the information you provide in your application. 4.Document Your Proficiency: Your application will be assessed against the standards of proficiency relevant to your profession. To make a strong case, consider providing as much information as possible that demonstrates your alignment with these standards. You also have the option to upload additional documents in the relevant sections of the application form. 5.Stay Updated: Be aware that the standards of proficiency were updated and came into effect on September 1, 2023. Ensure that your application aligns with these updated standards.HCPC registration

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What qualifications do I need for the HCPC registration? "Providing Details of Your Primary Qualification: A Vital Step in Your International Application" hcpc registration As you embark on your international application journey with the HCPC registration (Health and Care Professions Council), it's essential to provide comprehensive information about your primary qualification, the educational foundation that enabled you to practice your profession outside the United Kingdom. Throughout our application process, we refer to this qualification as your 'primary qualification.' Here's what you need to know about documenting it: In Relation to Your Primary Qualification, You Need to Provide: 1.HCPC Course Information Form: HCPC registration forms. This form, introduced in July 2023, is a critical component of your application. It is essential to have the most recent version, as older versions will not be accepted for applications received from September 1, 2023, onwards. 2.Certified Copy of Your Professional Qualification Certificate: This certified copy validates your professional qualification. Completing the Course Information Form in the HCPC registration form The HCPC Course Information Form serves as a comprehensive record of the theoretical and practical content and learning outcomes of your primary qualification. It plays a pivotal role in determining whether your primary qualification aligns with the HCPC's standards of proficiency for the profession you wish to join. Information Required in the Course Information Form Your completed form must include the following details: •Overall Learning Outcomes: These should describe what you achieved through your qualification. •Course-Specific Learning Outcomes: For each element of your qualification, provide specific learning outcomes. •Course Content Details: Outline the content covered for each part of your qualification. •Theoretical and Practical Hours: Specify the number of hours dedicated to theory and practical aspects for each course within your qualification. •Assessment Methods: Describe the assessment methods employed for each course within your qualification. •Please ring us if any help with HCPC registration is required.

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