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HCPC Registration (The Health and Care Professions Council)

HCPC Registration

HCPC Registration and getting on HCPC Register.

To obtain HCPC membership, candidates would be required to fill in HCPC Registration Forms and submit additional documents.

Please view our video on how to get on the Register and main your HCPC Registration.

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Register With HCPC in UK
HCPC registration

Many of our candidates ask various questions, we prepared the information below.



What is HCPC? 

HCPC stands for The Health and Care Professions Council. It is  a statutory regulator in the UK of healthcare  professionals from 15 health and care professions. To work legally  in the UK candidates would need to register with HCPC in the UK. How do I qualify for HCPC registration? HCPC UK does not specify whether you need to have B.Sc. or diploma. The most important component would be your transcript and also professional experience. Candidates would also need to submit HCPC form, proof of address and final degree. Please contact us for a confidential discussion and we will discuss your eligibility and HCPC registration process. 

What can I do to maximise chances for a successful HCPC Registration?

HCPC Registration assessors would take into consideration the following:

 - your experience

 - transcript

 - gaps in employment 

 - additional information relating to HCPC Registration (membership, references etc.)

You need to provide as many details as possible relating to your experience in the Experience Section. Settings, standards, conditions your treated should be included in the HCPC Registration form.

Why are HCPC Registration Standards of Proficiency important?

Each physiotherapist, radiographer or biomedical scientist would need to fulfil these standards to register with HCPC. Standards relate to independent assessments, confidentiality, consent etc. Please watch our YouTube videos about HCPC Standards. These Standards are also available on the HCPC Registration website. 

How long does it take for the HCPC Registration Department to come back to me and provide an update?

HCPC Registration assessors are extremely busy with the HCPC applications. Many HCPC officials work from home to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

If all the HCPC Registration forms are completed correctly candidates should obtain an update within 2-4 months. 

How do I check my HCPC Registration status?

On the HCPC Registration website there is a page called - check the register. Please write your name or HCPC membership number to find out if you are fully registered with HCPC. 

Please contact us via info@monroemedical.co.uk if any further assistance is required.

I have applied for the HCPC registration but I haven't received any update from the HCPC registration department.

Sometimes candidates do not receive an acknowledgment from the HCPC registration department.
Please, be assured that if the currier delivered your HCPC application form and additional documents, HCPC assessors definitely have your documents and HCPC registration form.

That is why it is vital to forward your HCPC registration form via a registered letter, if possible.

Our candidate Gabi has received HCPC approval. Please contact us for further information. 
The most common questions asked by our candidates in March about HCPC registration
When will I hear from the HCPC assessors about my HCPC application? I forwarded my form three months ago.
HCPC assessors are extremely busy at present.
Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks to obtain an update and reply about your HCPC registration forms.
Please be assured HCPC Registration Department will definitely come back to you with an update and information.
What are current compensatory measures if my HCPC Registration form is not fully approved?
If HCPC registration assessors identify some gaps and shortfalls in your HCPC registration form, you may be asked for the following:
- aptitude test called also a competence exam
- case studies
Please contact us and we will provide further information about our professional assistance in relation to the above requirements and HCPC Registration. 
Do I need to be based in the UK to apply for the HCPC registration?
No, you can apply for the HCPC registration from any country.
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My HCPC registration forms were lost. What can I do?


We always advise candidates to forward HCPC registration forms via registered letter. 

If you obtained an update from the HCPC registration department that your forms were lost, you would need to ring HCPC and provide the registered delivery number. 


My previous HCPC registration was refused. What can I do?

It really depends on your HCPC Decision letter.

If you were asked to complete adaptation or sit an aptitude exam, you will need to fulfill these requirements to obtain HCPC registration.

If, however, your application is closed, you can legally submit a new application.


I was asked to write case studies and add them to my HCPC registration application. What can I do?

There are many examples of case studies.

However, it is important to follow the MSK UK protocol for case studies and include subjective and objective assessment in your HCPC case studies.

You need to refer to your HCPC Registration Decision letter and include standards of proficiency listed by the HCPC Registration assessors. 


There are some issues with my clinical practice. My manager referred my case to the HCPC Registration Department. What can I do? Will I lose my HCPC registration?


HCPC registration department receives various complaints about healthcare professions. 

Of course, if it comes to a gross misconduct, it is serious as it may affect patient's health and safety. 

We had cases where candidate forgot to sign the assessment forms or someone did not renew their HCPC registration.


It is important to be well prepared for the hearing and present your case as best as you can.

Please ring us for a free consultation.

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