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CORU Aptitude Test and CORU Test of Competence


What Constitutes the CORU Aptitude Test (CORU Test of Competence)?

CORU  aptitude test is exclusively geared towards evaluating the applicant's grasp of professional knowledge and their understanding of the specific regulations governing the profession in Ireland.

CORU aptitude test (CORU Test of Competence) consists of the following:

 - Case scenarios within the realms of Neurology, Musculoskeletal (MSK), and Cardio-Respiratory, along with other inquiries posed by the assessment panel.

 - practical exam - stations relating to Neurology, MSK and Respiratory 

 - written exam

 - interview with the panel

 Monroe Medical offers professional and comprehensive preparation concerning:

- Aptitude Test for the HCPC in the UK

- Aptitude Test for CORU in Ireland

- Test of Competence Ireland for CORU 


​We run regular 8-hour long webinars which include the following:

  • Presentation of MSK, Neuro and Cardio-Respiratory Assessments, Outcome Measure and Treatment programmes

  • Examples of case studies and  scenarios

  • Practical tips relating to the CORU Aptitude Test (Competence Exam)

  • Practice and MOC exam


Candidates will also obtain materials relating to MSK assessments and Neurological protocols used in the UK.

Many candidates ring and ask us how we can help them to pass the CORU Aptitude Test.

The answer is yes and we have many candidates who have passed the CORU  Test of Competence.

However, a sound preparation and regular practice will be required.

We can also offer one-to-one preparation if required.


Despite offering this award-winning course, some candidates may still feel stressed about the Aptitude Test.

What are the options for these candidates?

If candidates feel that sitting an Aptitude Test Examination is too stressful, they can submit a fresh CORU application form or they have an option to appeal.  Please contact us for details.

" I received excellent consultation in relation to assessments and standards of proficiency.

Case studies were successful and I am fully registered now with the HCPC".

Maninder Kaur Nandha - HCPC Registered Physiotherapist


Key Aspects the CORU Aptitude Test (CORU Test of Competence):

  • The test concentrates solely on identifying significant variations present in a professional qualification that aligns with the standards of proficiency and practice placement criteria. These differences are vital for the successful practice of the profession.

  • The testing procedure take place in Ireland 

  • (CORU Test of Competence) - CORU Aptitude Test is required to be made available within a span of six months.

  • Applicants are afforded a single opportunity for reattempting the test.

  • A fee of €500 is associated with undertaking the aptitude test.

  • In situations where CORU assessors have pinpointed shortcomings in your CORU Decision Letter, you might be asked to take the CORU Aptitude Test.

  • All details pertaining to the Test of Competence will be detailed in your CORU Decision Letter.

​How can you prepare with CORU aptitude test? We conduct regular 8-hour webinars that cover: Presentation of MSK, Neuro, and Cardio-Respiratory Assessments, Outcome Measures, and Treatment Programs Illustrative case study scenarios Practical insights pertinent to the Aptitude Test (Competence Exam) Practice sessions and Mock exams Presentation of practical stations and practical element of the CORU aptitude test Participants will also receive materials encompassing MSK assessments and Neurological protocols used in the UK. Many individuals inquire about our ability to assist them in passing the CORU Aptitude Test. Indeed, we have successfully guided numerous candidates through the CORU Test of Competence. However, achieving success demands diligent preparation and consistent practice. For those requiring more personalized support, we offer one-to-one preparation sessions.

Is the CORU aptitude test difficult? The aptitude test in Ireland encompasses both practical and theoretical components. It includes written exams focused on MSK case studies and Neurological elements. Various sections also cover practical and clinical facets of physiotherapy. How can I arrange an Aptitude Test for a Physiotherapist in Ireland? Your CORU Decision Letter will indicate the timeframe within which you must arrange the CORU Aptitude Test. Physiotherapists in Ireland can contact the CORU Department to schedule a test date. How can I prepare for the CORU Aptitude Test for Physiotherapists? Gaining essential knowledge and practical experience in the core areas of physiotherapy outlined in your CORU Decision Letter is crucial. How many times can I sit an Aptitude Exam and CORU Aptitude Test? You are allowed two attempts. However, kindly refer to your CORU Decision Letter for specific details. What is the difference between CORU Aptitude Test and HCPC Aptitude Test? The HCPC Aptitude Test is offered by HCPC in the UK. The CORU Aptitude Test is conducted within the Republic of Ireland. What is the CORU Test of Competence? The Test of Competence is an Aptitude Test provided by CORU. Please refer to your CORU Decision Letter for further information.

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