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Apply for CORU Registration

Welcome to CORU’s registration application process.


CORU Registration for Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Biomedical Scientists, Radiographers, SLTs, OTs, Social Workers


To work legally in Ireland, clinicians would need to obtain CORU registration.

If the forms are incomplete, or some documents are missing, CORU  assessors may ask for additional verification, aptitude test, competency exam, or adaptation period.


How to register with CORU in Ireland?

Candidates would need to fill in the CORU application form. This form would need to be also completed by your employers and university officials. 

CORU registration procedures can be complex. However, we can assist with these procedures and provide professional service. 

Please contact Monroe Medical for further information about our CORU consultancy service

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CORU REGISTRATION for physiotherapists

CORU Registration for social workers

CORU Registration for dieticians

CORU Registration for speech and language therapists


Monroe Medical has a successful track record with the CORU registration process for overseas and European candidates.

CORU registration process is complex and would require detailed knowledge about Standards of Proficiency and CORU processes.


What would happen if I do not complete CORU Registration forms correctly?


If CORU REGISTRATION assessors identify some gaps and shortfalls in your forms and documents, you may be asked to complete adaptation to sit an exam called an aptitude test.

That is why it is crucial to complete the CORU registration forms correctly.

Please read our free OCRU registration guide with tips and advice about CORU registration, processes, Experience section and Standards.


Our CORU registration packages are more than just completing the forms.

Our team of registered clinicians can offer professional support and guidance.

Please review our Facebook page – we helped hundreds of candidates with CORU registration.

Monroe Medical can provide comprehensive assistance with the CORU Registration forms and processes.


Do I need experience in order to register with CORU?


CORU does not specify how many months or years of clinical experience would be required.

CORU Registration assessors mainly take into consideration if candidates use Standards of Proficiency.  

How do I register with CORU in Ireland? What is CORU Registration?

CORU is a professional body responsible for providing registration to physiotherapists, OTs, psychologists. etc.
To work legally in Ireland, candidates would need to obtain valid CORU registration.


Do I need CORU registration to work as a physio or as a social worker in Ireland?


Yes, candidates would need to be fully registered with CORU to work legally.

Please contact us and we will assist with CORU Registration.




I was struggling with CORU registration since 2019. I applied for the first time myself and CORU registration assessors asked to complete adaptation. I could not find a hospital to help with adaptation placements.

A friend of mine who is CORU registered radiographer recommended Monroe Medical.

When I rang Monika and Shishir I was overwhelmed by their professionalism and knowledge.

They explained CORU registration process and CORU registration legislations.


They advised me to start the process again from the scratch and complete the CORU registration forms.

They assisted with the Experience section which was totally different than the Experience section I have written in the previous application.

My CORU registration process was successful.

I would strongly recommend Monroe Medical for CORU registration.

My testimonial and video is placed on Monroe Medical Facebook.



    How can I complete CORU  registration forms correctly?

CORU Registration forms include elements relating to your transcript, curriculum, experience and references.

It is important to provide as many details as possible in the CORU registration forms.

Alternatively, you can contact us to obtain professional assistance with the CORU registration process.

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