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HCPC Adaptation Training for Physiotherapists  -  A Period of Adaptation HCPC UK

If you are required to undertake a period of adaptation, Monroe Medical NI Ltd can provide supervised training programmes and practical sessions. These programmes are tailored to provide additional training identified by HCPC.

  • Do you have a valid HCPC Decision Letter?

  • Are you required to undertake further training - adaptation in the UK?

The training Monroe Medical can provide will enable you to work towards Adaptation.

Next Step

If you have  HCPC Decision Letter please contact Monroe Medical NI Ltd for a free assessment and confidential discussion.

This intense course is a combination of the following:


  • Teaching

  • Mentoring

  • Supervised practicals in Neurology, MSK and Cardio-Respiratory

  • Consultations


This course is aimed to increase your knowledge and skills to be an autonomous physiotherapist.

A UK HCPC registered physiotherapist will assist you throughout the entire process.

Successful Testimonials


"I would like to say a massive thank you to MM LTD. I appreciate all your support and guidance in obtaining my HCPC registration. The journey was long and challenging but worthy. I completed theoretical and

practical sessions. Monika assisted with the online lessons and also helped to arrange all practical sessions. She provided all the necessary information and always gave comprehensive feedback in regards

to every online lesson. I would strongly recommend Monika and her services to everyone who is struggling to obtain HCPC registration. Also, to everyone willing to deepen the skills and knowledge in Physiotherapy.

Thank you again for your dedicated service!💯👏💐."

Sigita Preimontaite  - HCPC Registered Physiotherapist 

"I applied for HCPC registration in 2012 and I was asked to complete a period of adaptation in MSK, Neuro and Respiratory. For 3 years I was contacting other hospitals, private clinics and private medical facilities – no success, every phone call was a refusal. I was upset and frustrated. Day and night I searched for help and I found Monroe Medical. I was anxious to ring Monroe Medical. From my previous experience I knew that the conversation might be a challenging as the other conversations proved to be. However, I was impressed after talking to Monika – A Senior Specialist Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner. I found her to be kind, supportive and I was treated in a professional manner. She understood my frustrations. The adaptation provided by Monroe Medical was very professional. I studied all aspects relating to

Respiratory, COPD, ACBT, Spirometry and much more. If I had some concerns during the course regarding content etc. Monika was able to provide professional assistance. Also the practical sessions were very well organized. The numerous tests, case studies and exercises undertaken throughout the course, assisted me greatly with the final examination held in Belfast clinic. The skills I learnt regarding Respiratory (measuring Oxygen levels and Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques) I use daily with my work with stroke patients. I recommend MM Ltd to everyone who would like to gain new skills and study towards Adaptation." Gabriela Pasztor, UK, HCPC Registered Physiotherapist


Who can apply for Hcpc registration?


If you are a qualified physiotherapists who completed physiotherapy degree in Europe or in another country, you can apply for HCPC registration.

You will need to fill in an application form.

Depending on assessor’s recommendations, a physiotherapist might be asked to complete a period of adaptation in the UK.


What is Hcpc registration in the UK?

Do I need it?


HCPC is the statutory regulator for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS in the UK.

If you would like to work as a physiotherapist in the UK, by law you need to obtain HCPC Registration.


Sometimes HCPC assessors may ask the physiotherapists to complete so called adaptation( a period of adaptation) in the UK.

What is HCPC Adaptation?

Adaptation is a period of supervised study and practical placements. Please refer to your HCPC Decision Letter. You can ring Monroe Medical for a confidential discussion and information about a period of adaptation for physiotherapists in the UK. 


Who is eligible for a period of adaptation?

If you received Decision Letter with information about a period of adaptation you can either approach clinics in the UK to arrange a period of adaptation or ring Monroe Medical for details about adaptation for physiotherapists in the UK.


Have you been asked to complete a period of adaptation?

Your HCPC Decision Letter will state the length of a period of adaptation in the UK and also core areas of physiotherapy (MSK, Neuro or Cardio-Respiratory). Please contact us if any further information is required about adaptation for physiotherapists in the UK.

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How to register with HCPC as a physiotherapist successfully

How to register with HCPC as a physiotherapist successfully

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 HCPC adaptation, hcpc period of adaptation, POA , hcpc registration, how to register with HCPC, hcpc register, hcpc requirements   

HCPC Registration  - An Award-Winning Service 

HCPC Period of Adaptation

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