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CORU Appeal 

CORU Appeal 


CORU appeals are a multifaceted and time-intensive procedure.

If you've received a rejection letter from the CORU Registration Department, your initial course of action is to carefully analyse the reasons underpinning the denial.

In cases where CORU registration  assessors have identified deficiencies related to clinical experience, it becomes imperative to acquire the experience as stipulated in the CORU Decision Letter.

At times, the rejection letter might itemize a lack of adherence to various standards of proficiency. It's crucial at this juncture to acquaint yourself with these standards and assess whether you've been applying them in your clinical practice.

If not, completing relevant courses and practical sessions can prove advantageous in comprehending and effectively implementing these standards.

In the event of CORU Registrar refusal, two alternatives present themselves:

  1. Pursuing an appeal against the CORU Decision.

  2. Initiating a fresh application for CORU registration.

Electing to appeal requires substantial grounds to contest CORU's verdict.

Monroe Medical and our legal team can assist with the CORU appeal.

We have 100 percent success rate relating to CORU appeals.

If candidates have relevant experience and they did not complete the CORU REGISTRTION FORMS correctly, including standards and case studies, CORU assessors may identify shortfalls and forward a negative decision letter. 

That is why it is crucial to complete the CORU registration forms as best as possible, using as many details as you can.

If you feel that CORU Decision is unfair, an appeal is the most suitable option.

If, however, the decision is based on candidate’s lack of experience, it is better to deal with these clinical shortfalls and submit a fresh CORU application.

Monroe Medical can help candidates to:

If you wish to appeal a Registration Board’s decision to refuse your application for registration, or restoration to the Register, you must make your appeal within 30 days of receiving the decision.

Successful reviews 

"Monroe Medical you are the best. I can’t thank you enough."   - Fillery Yllka -  Registered 


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