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Monroe Academy - an award winning medical training provider

Level-1: Intra-articular infiltration and Soft Tissue Injection Therapy

Level-2: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pain Management (optional)

joint injection course

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Why to enroll to the Comprehensive PRP Injection Training with Monroe Medical?

-We offer practical sessions and live practice to ensure candidates obtain practical skills
- After completing our courses candidates have  advanced skills, knowledge, information about insurance and equipment.
- Business advice relating to marketing and promotion of PRP Injections
- Provided by  most experience tutors 

Our graduates now offer innovative PRP Injections in their clinics and make excellent additional income. Please see what our candidates are saying about our courses. 

Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc. MHCPC

An award-winning Clinician and Extended Scope Practitioner

An international author and highly reputable speaker.

Monika is a pioneer in PRP injections in the UK and Ireland. She also teaches Injection Therapy to healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland.

Professor S.M. Kamal  MDMR MPH B.Sc PT

Professor S.M. Kamal


Professor Sohel is a pioneer in injection therapy, one of few Injection Therapy trainers globally, and an assistant professor at Dhaka University

joint injection course

The only  course in the UK and Europe which  offers practical sessions, live practice and clinical sessions

Injection therapy training  is a powerful programme provided by experienced clinicians. 


Injection therapy consists of PRP (platelet rich plasma), collagen, steroid and hyaluronic acid injections. 

Steroid injections act as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduce pain.

Hyaluronic acid injections work wonders for those who suffer from OA. They help

to fluid patient’s joints.

Collagen provides support for the growth and repair of cartilage tissue.

Collagen also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain killer.

Over recent years, joint injection courses for physiotherapists became extremely


The UK insurance companies approve our Injection Therapy Training for


The comprehensive training programme develops the clinical reasoning and

advanced skills required to practice injection therapy effectively and safely.

Who is the course for?

Joint Injection Course is for physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, podiatrists and paramedics.

We also accept physiotherapy students and candidates who await HCPC registration.

Please note: A full and valid HCPC registration is required to obtain insurance cover.

There are very few PRP therapists in the UK at present. It is a perfect time to commence the training and offer PRP.


How would it benefit me and my patients?


Our graduates who complete PRP Joint Injection Training offer joint injections in their clinics right from the first day after completing the course. 

An average charge for a PRP Injection is £400 - £700.

Moreover, the unique “double spin method” which we teach can ease pain within few days from the treatment. You can offer your patients this extremely beneficial treatment.

Please visit  our website with reviews from our patients who obtained PRP Injections from us and returned to their normal activities.



What is different about Monroe Medical’s Joint Injection Course and other courses?

As “The Best Medical Training Provider of the Year” we offer the most comprehensive courses in the country and beyond.

Our candidates are ready to start the training right from the first day of the completion of our Joint Injection Course. 

We offer advice about insurance and equipment.

We are the only  company based in the UK that  offers practical sessions, live demonstrations and practice on real patients.

Our tutors are the most experienced pioneers in injection therapy.

As a bonus we provide a  one hour workshop to offer advice about marketing and  promotion for your business.

These unique elements offered by us greatly increase the chances of success for our candidates.


The Joint Injection Course​ consists of the following modules:

 - introduction  to joint infiltration, steroid injections and collagen injections 

 - indication, contraindication, side effects, precautions etc. 

 - anatomy and palpation, surface marking 

 - practical application of infiltration /injections to: Joints (AC joint, Shoulder joint, Knee joint, Ankle joint), soft tissue (Tennis Elbow type-II + type-IV, De Quervain's Syndrome, Trigger thumb, Trigger finger, Planter Fasciitis, Retrocalcaneal bursitis, sub acromial bursitis)


  • The main focus of the course is the practical element.

  • Live Patient Demonstrations

  • Practical considerations including consent, equipment 


Why Injection Therapy? 

- innovative and advanced treatment for various MSK conditions

- effective solution for osteoarthritis, cartilage damage etc.

- pain reduction

- evidence based

Please ring us or contact us via email to enquire about training dates. 

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