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HCPC Registration step by step guide

HCPC Registration Step by Step Guide 

HCPC Registration Step 1 -Ensure you are eligible for the HCPC registration.


You need to have a degree or diploma in physiotherapy, biomedical science or radiography.

This final degree would need to be attached to the HCPC Registration pack.

Sometimes candidates forward HCPC Registration form while they are still in process of completing their study. It is crucial to attach your final degree to the HCPC Registration pack. In other cases HCPC registration assessors would send an email and ask for a final degree or diploma.


IELTS is another certificate which would need to be submitted to the HCPC registration pack.

Please remember if English is your first language used on a daily basis, the IELTS certificate is not required.

However, if English is not used by a candidate on a daily basis, the IELTS certificate would need to be submitted to the HCPC Registration form.



HCPC Registration Step 2 - Prepare your documents


Ensure you have the following:

- a proof of your address

- a copy of your ID

- a course information form


HCPC Registration Step 3 - Prepare your Experience section


Experience section is extremely important in the HCPC Registration form.

You would need to use various standards and describe conditions, settings etc.

The more details you provide the better. HCPC Registration assessors would like to see information about assessments methods and other components which are used by physiotherapists on a daily basis.


HCPC Registration Step 4 - Certify documents


Documents can be certified by a solicitor or a professional who has a good standing in a community (policeman, teacher, nurse).


HCPC Registration Step 5 - Complete the rest of your application

Fill in the details relating to your university and memberships/associations/professional bodies.

In the HCPC Registration form, you would also need to provide details relating to your address, email ID and NIN.


HCPC Registration Step 6 - Send your HCPC registration via post.

Do not forget to sign the form.


If any further assistance is required in relation to HCPC registration, please ring us or forward an email. HCPC Registered Physiotherapist would assist and answer all your questions.

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Positive Reviews 

"During my adaptation training with Monroe Medical I received  massive support and passed
successfully and interview for a physio assistant work placement. Monika always encouraged me to
continue applying for jobs. She carefully studied the interview related job description and recommend me to
focus on clinical questions, exercises and outcome measures. She also arranged a call before the
interview to suggest and discuss difficult questions. I received an excellent  support with my interviews which allowed me to land a job as physio assistant in the NHS in a reasonable time. And this will give me a great opportunity to successfully apply as junior physio when I will be fully registered."
Laura Farinella HCPC Registered Physiotherapist 

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