Physiotherapy Aptitude Test

Physiotherapy Aptitude Exam

Monroe Medical offers professional and comprehensive preparation in relation to:

- Aptitude Test HCPC in the UK

- Aptitude Test CORU in Ireland

What does the preparation involve?

We can offer intense mentoring and coaching in relation to EBP, Clinical Reasoning and MSK, Neurology and Cardio-Respiratory, as well as Standards of Proficiency relating to these core areas of physiotherapy.

Is the HCPC aptitude test difficult?

The aptitude test in the UK involves case scenarios where the candidate would be expected to describe assessments, clinical reasoning and treatment methods  used for various MSK, Neurological and Cardio-Respiratory Conditions.

Is CORU Aptitude Test difficult?

Aptitude test is Ireland involves practical and theoretical component.

Written exam relating to MSK case studies and Neurological components would be common during the examination.

There are also various sections relating to practical and clinical aspects of physiotherapy.

Please ring Monroe Medical to find out come how we can assist with the aptitude test preparation.

How can I arrange Aptitude Test for Physiotherapist in the UK?

Your HCPC Decision Letter will state ow many weeks you have in order to arrange HCPC Aptitude Test. Physiotherapists in the UK can ring HCPC Department and ask for a date.

How can I prepare for the HCPC Aptitude Test for Physiotherapists?

It is important to gain vital knowledge and.or practical experience in core areas of physiotherapy described in your HCPC Decision Letter.

Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire about HCPC Aptitude Test and HCPC Aptitude Exam.

HCPC Aptitude Test

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