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HCPC Appeal

HCPC Appeals

HCPC appeals are a complex and time-consuming process.

If you have received a refusal letter from HCPC Registration Department, you need first to study and analyse the reasons you were refused.

If the HCPC registration assessors identified shortfalls relating to clinical experience, you will need to gain experience as stated in the HCPC Decision Letter.

Sometimes, the refusal letter will list a lack of various standards of proficiency.

It is important then to be aware of these standards and find out if you have been using them in your clinical practice.

If not, it will be beneficial to complete courses and practical sessions to understand and implement these standards.

If you have been refused entry to the HCPC Registrar, you have two options:

  • You can appeal against the HCPC Decision

  • You can submit a fresh HCPC application

To appeal against the HCPC you would need to have good grounds to appeal.

If you, however, feel that the HCPC decision is fair, you would need to take the HCPC feedback on board and find ways to account for shortfalls in your experience identified by the HCPC Registration assessors.

Some candidates may apply for practical sessions, others will attend courses and training programmes.

If the above requirements are met then the chances for successful approval are maximised.

Please contact us if any assistance with re-submitting a new HCPC application is needed.


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