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HCPC Aptitude test

HCPC Aptitude test and HCPC Test of Competence

The HCPC Aptitude test for the is also called the Test of Competence.

If HCPC assessors have identified shortfalls in your

HCPC Decision Letter, you may be asked to do the HCPC Aptitude Test.

The Test of Competence consists of the following:

  • case scenarios in Neurology, MSK, Cardio-Respiratory and other questions which will be asked by the panel.

All information relating to the Test of Competence will be listed in your HCPC Decision Letter.

Monroe Medical offers professional and comprehensive preparation concerning:

- Aptitude Test for the HCPC in the UK

- Aptitude Test for CORU in Ireland

- Test of Competence UK for HCPC


​We run regular 8-hour long webinars which include the following:

  • Presentation of MSK, Neuro and Cardio-Respiratory Assessments, Outcome Measure and Treatment programmes

  • Examples of case studies scenarios

  • Practical tips relating to the Aptitude Test (Competence Exam)

  • Practice and MOC exam

Candidates will also obtain materials relating to MSK assessments and Neurological protocols used in the UK.

Many candidates ring and ask us how we can help them to pass the HCPC Aptitude Test.

The answer is yes and we have many candidates who have passed the HCPC Test of Competence.

However, a sound preparation and regular practice will be required.

We can also offer one-to-one preparation if required.

Despite offering this award-winning course, some candidates may still feel stressed about the Aptitude Test.

What are the options for these candidates?

If candidates feel that sitting an Aptitude Test Examination is too stressful, they can submit a fresh HCPC application form.

Please contact us for details.


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