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Monroe Academy - an award winning medical training provider

PRP Training - Face and Hair  - 1 day  

PRP Face Course

Other Courses

Vampire fascial  and hair loss treatment.
PRP FACE, HAIR (Microneedling /Mesotherapy & Linear Injection Techniques)
PRP for facial rejuvenation and neck rejuvenation
PRP for hair loss/hair restoration

Free BONUS FOR each participant  -Radio-Frequency presentation as an additional treatment which  maximises PRP results 

PRP Training, 
PRP Course
Platelet Rich Plasma Training
PRP Face 
Platelet Rich Plasma Course 

Would you like to enhance your clinical practice with aesthetic treatment?

Please keep reading.

What is PRP?

“A vampire facial” or PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatment is a procedure that aims to use the  patient’s blood to stimulate the body into healing and restoration. 
PRP is the process of taking a small sample of blood from the patient, and then administering it back into the patient's skin to aid repair.  ​

Benefits of PRP

Eliminating or easing the appearance of wrinkles and scars.
Rejuvenating the skin under the eyes.
Tightening open pores.
Plumping the cheeks, forehead, etc.
Alternative to Dermal Fillers.
Stimulating hair growth 
Preventing hair loss
Reduction of scars

Minimising fine lines and pores.

Why should you complete PRP Training? 

- Very little costs involved
- It is a revolutionary treatment for your clients
- PRP is gaining popularity month by month
- Excellent learning potential
- No
 risk of side effects or rejection
 - Great earning potential (approx. £300 PLUS per treatment)
 - Outstanding Results
  - A high  demand for PRP in the UK
 - Great alternative to a surgery (hair transplant or a face lift)
- Business advice and continuous support for all our clients 

What's so special about our PRP Course?

 - Our PRP Course is  provided by registered clinicians and pioneers in PRP
- We an Award winning training provider
- We have been approved by insurance company
- We are One of the few companies which offer practical sessions
This will ensure that you are fully trained and fully equipped to start your practice from the moment you complete the course (insurance details, info about equipment etc. will be provided)

Who is the PRP Training for?

Our PRP Course is for: 

 - Medical Professionals
 - Healthcare Professionals
 - Level 3 Beauty Therapists

What is the content of the PRP Course ?

Our PRP Training consists of the following elements: 

Health and Safety 
What is blood?
How to prepare the product (PRP)

Knowledge of applying treatment using Microneedling, mesotherapy PRP and  Linear Injections
Structure of the Skin
Structure of the Hair​
Understanding the treatment
Pre-treatment requirements
Post-treatment care and support
Consultation form, consent 

Contra indications

Please ring us or email us to book our course.

Platelet Rich Plasma Course
PRP Course
PRP Face Training

PRP Training, 
PRP Course
Platelet Rich Plasma Training
PRP Face 
Platelet Rich Plasma Course 

PRP Training, 
PRP Course
Platelet Rich Plasma Training
PRP Face 
Platelet Rich Plasma Course 

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