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Ozone therapy course
Ozone therapy training
physiotherapy courses uk
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Monroe Academy - an award winning medical training provider

Ozone Therapy for Herniated Disc Course - 2 days - a revolutionary and extremely effective methods of pain control baked by the latest research.           

ozone therapy course

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Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc. MHCPC

An award-winning Clinician and Extended Scope Practitioner

An international author and highly reputable speaker.

Monika is a pioneer in PRP injections in the UK and Ireland. She also teaches Injection Therapy to healthcare professionals in the UK and Ireland.

Ozone Therapy Course for Herniated Discs

     1.What is Ozone Therapy for disks

It is an advanced form of therapy which is used for  painful, injured or degenerating joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. This particular course focuses on herniated disks.

Ozone therapy is the use of medical ozone as a treatment for lumbar disk herniation and other MSK(musculoskeletal) disorders.

It is regarded as an effective therapy for pain and "wear and tear" in various joints.

Ozone Therapy is well known for achieving incredible results when all other treatment methods have failed. Latest research suggest that ozone therapy reduces pain and regenerates joints, muscles and tendons.

PRP Joint Injection course

2. Who is the Ozone Therapy Course  for?

​ The Oxygen Therapy Course is for physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, podiatrists and paramedics.

Among our candidates there are also physiotherapy students and candidates who await HCPC registration.

Please note: A full and valid HCPC registration is required to obtain insurance cover to offer ozone therapy to patients.

3. How does the Ozone Therapy  benefit my clinic and my patients?

​Ozone Therapy has gained a wonderful reputation for reducing pain in herniated disks. 

According to NCBI: "A reduction in herniated disk volume is one of the therapeutic aims of intradiscal administration of medical ozone, as disk shrinkage may reduce nerve root compression".

The average Ozone Therapy session costs £250-£300. 

There are very few clinics which offer Ozone therapy. Many patients avoided surgery after using Ozone therapy.

There are no serious complications after Ozone therapy and it is a cost effective alternative to a surgery. 

Please review the following articles relating to latest research and medical data backing up the above claims. 

 - Minimally Invasive Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Lumbar Disk Herniation (

 - Oxygen-ozone therapy for herniated lumbar disc in patients with subacute partial motor weakness due to nerve root compression. ( .

 - L5-S1 Achromobacter xylosoxidans infection secondary to oxygen-ozone therapy for the treatment of lumbosacral disc herniation: a case report and review of the literature.(

 - Ozone therapy as a treatment for low back pain secondary to herniated disc: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.(

 - Cervical Spondylodiscitis After Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Treatment of a Cervical DiscHerniation: a Case Report and Review of the Literature.(

4. What topics does the Ozone Therapy  Course cover?

The Theoretical Part of the course is as follows: Anatomy + Palpation + Examination (Physical, Radiological) + Differential Diagnosis + Classification of herniated disc + Mechanism of Disc herniation + Introduction to Ozone therapy + Mechanism of action of Ozone therapy to herniated disc + Dose calculation + Contraindications + Precaution + Extensive literature discussion + Comparison of Ozone therapy and Surgery.

The Practical Part  (Minimal Invasive procedures)will consist of: Subcutaneous Ozone application, Deep Muscular ozone application, Ozone application to Disc.


ozone therapy training
ozone therapy training
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