How to register with HCPC as a Psychologist
HCPC Registration for Psychologists

To work in the UK as a psychologist, you would need to obtain HCPC registration.
HCPC registration forms would need need to be completed and forwarded to the HCPC Registration Department. 
You would also need to attach various documents (proof of your address, a copy of your ID document, the Course Information form). 
We can help with the HCPC registration process. Please contact us for a confidential discussion. 

Are the  HCPC Registration forms the same for psychologists as it is for physiotherapists?
Yes , they are. However, as a psychologist you would need to describe different Standards of Proficiency in your Experience section. 

I have changed my surname since I applied for the HCPC registration. What can I do?
You would need to notify HCPC registration Department as soon as possible. A document confirming your surname change would be also required. 

How long does it take for the HCPC Registration department to come back to me? I am waiting three month for an answer from HCPC Registration Department. 
It is challenging for some candidates to get through the HCPC. However, during pandemic, many HCPC registration officials work from home. Please be assured your emails will be answered.

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