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Adaptation (Period Of Adaptation - PoA)

Adaptation Training for Physiotherapists in Ireland and in the UK

If you are required to undertake a period of adaptation, Monroe Medical NI Ltd can provide supervised training programmes and practical sessions. These programmes are tailored to provide additional training identified by HCPC and ISCP.


  • Do you have an HCPC/ISCP Decision Letter?

  • Are you required to undertake further training?

The training Monroe Medical can provide will enable you to work towards Adaptation.

Next Step

If you have an HCPC or CORU Decision Letter please contact Monroe Medical NI Ltd for a free assessment and confidential discussion.

This intense course is a combination of the following:


  • Teaching and one to one tuition 

  • Mentoring

  • Supervised practical sessions in Kent, Luton and Birmingham, as well as in Dublin and Ennis

  • Consultations


This course is aimed to increase your knowledge and skills to be an autonomous physiotherapist.

A UK HCPC registered physiotherapist will assist you throughout the entire process.

Testimonials and succesful reviews

Gabriela Pasztor - HCPC Registered Physiotherapists, London

"I applied for HCPC registration in 2012 and I was asked to complete a period of adaptation in MSK, Neurology and Respiratory. For 3 years I was contacting other hospitals, private clinics and private medical facilities – no success, every phone call was a refusal. I was upset and frustrated. Day and night I searched for someone who could help me and I found Monroe Medical NI Ltd.

I was anxious to ring Monroe Medical. From my previous experience I knew that the conversation might be as the other conversations proved to be. However, I was impressed after talking to Monika – A Senior Specialist Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner. I found her to be kind, supportive and I was treated in a professional manner. She understood my frustrations. The adaptation provided by Monroe Medical was very professional.

I studied all aspects relating to Respiratory, COPD, ACBT, Spirometry and much more. If I had some concerns during the course regarding content etc. Monika was able to provide professional assistance. Also the practical sessions were very well organized. The numerous tests, case studies and exercises undertaken throughout the course, assisted me greatly with the final examination held in Belfast clinic.

Thanks to Monroe Medical for support, kindness and professionalism. 

The skills I learnt regarding Respiratory (measuring Oxygen levels and Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques) I use daily with my work with stroke patients.I recommend MM Ltd to everyone who would like to gain new skills and study towards Adaptation."


1. What is HCPC Adaptation?

“A period of adaptation is a period of supervised practise and / or academic training which allows an applicantwith ‘mutual recognition rights’ under the Professional Qualifications Directive (Directive2005/36/EC) to reach the standard required to be registered with HCPC and CORU.

If this period is successfully completed, an applicant can then be registered and practise their profession in the United Kingdom”.

(from HCPC Adaptation Booklet)

2. Who is eligible for a period of adaptation

According to HCPC Adaptation Booklet “ an applicants who do not meet the standard for entry to the HCPC would be entitled for a period of adaptation”. 



3. Have you been asked to complete a period of adaptation?

Please email us your HCPC decision letter and one of our UK registered Physiotherapists would contact you for a confidential discussion.

4. What does the Adaptation Training involve?

Our intense Adaptation Course consist of the following components:

a) Intense Theoretical Section under the supervision of HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

b) Practical Sessions under the supervision of HCPC Registered Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Consultants

Period of adaptation for physiotherapists in the UK and Ireland who seek HCPC and CORU approval. 


We offer professional assistance with adaptation training for physiotherapists.

Please visit our Facebook for recent testimonials and reviews.

"Since I came in to UK I was trying to get registered with HCPC. Unfortunately after very long process HCPC has decided that, in their opinion, I do not have enough experience in respiratory physiotherapy practice. I have been trying to contact different places and different people. And even then without luck. Then Monroe Medical appeared on my path. Monika helped me in theoretical preparation and then in finding the right place in which I could have a practical part. Everything was well organized, contact with Monica was perfect, and the whole process was fitted to my lifestyle. After completing the course I got registered within a few weeks. I recommend Monroe Medical to everyone who struggles with HCPC requirements.

Marta Smorowinska - HCPC Registered Physiotherapist

We offer the following services:

- period of adaptation assistance in Ireland (CORU)

- period of adaptation assistance in the UK(HCPC)

- preparation for an aptitude test

- assistance with an interview preparation for physiotherapists (band 5-7)

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Monroe Medical is an introductory agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and RQIA. We vet, check, train and introduce self-employed carers to clients. Monroe Medical is the trading name of Monroe Medical NI Ltd, a company registered in Northern Ireland (NI616503). 


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