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HCPC Registration for clinical specialities  which are not listed on the HCPC website 

HCPC Registration if your clinical speciality is not listed on the HCPC website

Sometimes your clinical speciality will not be listed on the HCPC list of professions.

Many candidates wonder whether they can submit the HCPC Registration form in such a case.

The answer depends on your clinical experience and the overall education.

For instance, microbiologists and biotechnologists can submit an application form as Biomedical Scientists.

Also, biochemists can also apply as a Biomedical Scientists via HCPC Registration pathway for international candidates.

However, it is crucial to bear in mind that HCPC assessors will assess your experience and CV against the standards of proficiency used for biomedical scientists.



HCPC Registration forms would need to be completed very carefully and lab experience will be essential.

Lab technicians and medical lab scientists who graduated abroad can submit application forms via the HCPC Registration route for Radiographers.

There are also some candidates with a degree in pathology,  medical techniques and laboratory science.

They can also fill in the HCPC Registration forms via the International Pathway for Radiographers.

Yet again, the outcome would depend on the candidate’s experience and education gained in their home country.

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I am so happy I met Monika on my way!... first she helped me to get my HCPC registration done, by organising

my placements, but then she even helped to find the job for me!

I can't be more thankful for everything she did for me. Really, really amazing , understanding and sensitive

person . Thank you so much for all your advice. You can be sure she will never leave you alone when you need

help. I really do very highly recommend Monika Milczarek and Monroe!

Ewa Mierzwinska. HCPC Registered Physiotherapist 

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