HCPC Registration for Biomedical Scientists


To work legally in the UK as  a Biomedical Scientist would you need to register with HCPC.

HCPC registration forms ae similar to HCPC registration forms for radiographers and physiotherapists. 

Candidates would need to prepare the following documents:

  • A copy of candidate’s ID

  • A proof of address

  • Final Degree

  • Course Information form


Some candidates would need to contact IBSM in the UK, especially if their first degree does not relate to biomedical science.

However, for the majority of candidates the HCPC registration process is straight forward.

The Course Information form would need to be completed by your university and attached  to the HCPC Registration form.

Please review our Facebook. There are excellent testimonials from candidates who obtained HCPC Registration and work as Biomedical Scientists in the UK.

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Hcpc registration covid-19 update part 2 

We receive many enquiries from candidates who have various questions and concerns about HCPC  registration.


Please read our FAQ section below and we sincerely hope the answers would help our candidates.


HCPC Registration Question 1 - How do I get in touch with HCPC registration department?

Many HCPC  assessors work from home because of covid-19.

The best way to get in touch with HCPC registration department would be to forward an email.

You  may wait for an answer from HCPC registration department for 3-6 days. 

Be assured HCPC registration assessors work very hard to answer all the emails and enquiries. 


HCPC Registration Question 2 - The payment  link is not working. What can I do? How can I finalise my HCPC Registration? 

Many HCPC  registration applicants are concerned that the link is not working properly or it has expired. Unfortunately computer systems can fail or not work up to the standards. 

The most suitable solution would be to either ring HCPC registration department or forward an email to the HCPC registration assessors. 

 A new payment link will be issues then. You should pay your fee as soon as possible because the payment link may expire after 7 working days. 

If the link is still not working, you can request HCPC bank details to complete your HCPC Registration.

You can then pay via  a bank transfer or online transfer. 


HCPC Registration Question 3 - I have changed my surname after submitting HCPC Registration. What should I do?

If you have changed your surname while submitting your HCPC Registration form or while awaiting an update from the HCPC registration assessors, your should notify them as soon as possible about changing your surname.

Sometimes a proof of a surname change would be required.

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