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HCPC REGISTRATION – changes after Brexit

HCPC REGISTRATION – changes after Brexit

HCPC registration is a complex process.

To work legally in the UK candidates would need to register with HCPC in the UK.

After Brexit international candidates would need to complete so called HCPC International Registration Forms.

Even European candidates would need to apply for the HCPC registration via an international pathway.

The list of documents required for the HCPC registration remains the same - a copy of candidate’s ID, final degree, proof of address and transcript.

In the past, if HCPC assessors identified gaps and shortfalls in candidate’s HCPC registration form, they asked either for a period of adaptation or an aptitude test.

After Brexit, a period of adaptation was removed form the compensatory measure list.

Do you I need HCPC registration in the UK to work as a physiotherapist?

Yes, you cannot work legally without HCPC registration in the UK.

If you are from outside the UK, you will also need to fulfil the Home Office requirements. One of these requirements is a valid HCPC registration for physiotherapists, radiographers and biomedical scientists.

Please ring us or email Monroe Medical to obtain detailed information about HCPC registration.

HCPC registration


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