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Return to Practice HCPC

Return to Practice HCPC

If you have a gap/break in your employment history, you may be asked by the HCPC to complete so called “Return to Practice” programme.

It is usually practical placements under supervision of HCPC Registered Physiotherapist.

The number of hours and core areas of Physiotherapy will be described in the HCPC Decision Letter.

Return to Practice (for Physiotherapist) would allow the candidates to refresh their knowledge and clinical skills.

By law, a registered clinician in the UK does need various clinical skills in order to practice in a safe and effective manner.

Being “out of work” for three years may impact candidate’s ability, skills and knowledge.

We understand there are many reasons which may impact a career break.

However, various professional bodies in the UK would require the candidates to maintain the highest Standards of Proficiency.

The most common way to complete “Return to practice” programme is:

  • Complete practical placement (30 or 60 days, depending on your Decision Letter )

  • Formal or private study

Please contact Monroe Medical in relation to professional advice relating to Return to Work programmes. We offer practical placements and intense supervised study.

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