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Professional live in care London

Why live in care in London?

Many clients in London choose a live-in care package from Monroe Medical.

If you opt for a professional live in care plan from Monroe Medical you can be assured that you receive the highest level of care.

Our live in carers in London are qualified and experienced.

They are also trained by qualified physiotherapists. Our live in carers in London can also provide exercise and mobility programmes.

Please read below testimonial from our client in London – Joanne Mathews:

“I live in London.

I was looking for a live in care service in London.

Because I had a fall my mobility was not great in the beginning of this year.

Patricia - my live in carer was a qualified physiotherapist. She provided professional care and regular exercises. I can walk now with a walking stick and I feel much better.

This is the most comprehensive live in care service in London. Much recommended".

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