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Exercise programmes to improve mobility

Our home care branch in Dublin received last week two excellent testimonials from our customers:

“The exercises provided by Margarita helped me so much. I received an exercise programme provided by Anna– Senior Physiotherapist.

Margarita practices with me not only transfers but also walking. I do not need to use a walking stick as much as I used to. Superb home care service in Dublin. Highly recommended” - -said Martin from Letterkenny.

Our live in carers who work in Ireland can provide Home Exercise Programmes and comprehensive Rehab Programmes.

These programmes are supervised by Registered Senior Physiotherapists.

Second review comes from Frank from Dublin.

“Mum and I live in Dublin. My Mum has dementia and arthritis.

Our live in carer – Joanna is excellent. She provides companionship, assistance with home care and help with mobility.

My mum is happy. Today she walked to the local show. This was a great achievement for my mum.

Joanna also provides daily Fall Prevention Mobility Programme.

Since my mum started exercises the number of falls were reduced significantly. Joanna is the best live in carer in Ireland. Thank you”.

As a part of our professional package we offer physiotherapy assessment.

We also train our live in carers in Dublin that they can provide comprehensive exercises and mobility rehab programmes to improve mobility and well-being of our clients.

Please ring us for a confidential discussion about live in care services and physiotherapy assessments.

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