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850 + successful and registered clients 

We are the longest established firm that specialises in providing professional assistance with the HCPC registration and CORU registration and appeals.

Our award-winning services helps over 850  candidates in obtaining registration, securing employment, and winning appeals.

Monroe Consultancy

Professional Assistance with HCPC Registration, CORU Registration and  Appeals. 

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Awarded Training Courses for Healthcare Professionals

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Our story

Monroe Medical was established in 2012 and has become one of the most successful firms providing professional assistance for HCPC registration and  CORU registration. We have been trusted by over 850 clinicians who obtained registration, secured employment, and won appeals.

Bespoke customer service, constant access to our HCPC registered consultants, and a hassle-free registration process make us a leader in the market.

We also help with career progression and we are proud to say our candidates work in the most prestigious clinics and NHS as band 7 and 8 practitioners.

Over the years Monroe Medical has proven that we can solve our client’s problems even if they initially thought they were insurmountable. Whether it is an appeal, aptitude test or re-submission of the form – our team of registered consultants will help you.

Prestige Awards recognized our professional approach.


We have a 99,4 % customer satisfaction rating and are proud to say candidates value us for our expertise, professionalism, and experience.

Our Customers Expierience


Lolita Mitevska
Clinical Educator 

Thank you Monroe Medical for excellent assistance with clinical placement, HCPC registration and interview preparation. My dream to work for the NHS in Cambridge came true. 


Gabirella Pasztor 
HCPC Registered Senior Physiotherapist 

Professional help with  adaptation placement, and HCPC registration and CORU registration procedures. Highly recommended. Injection Therapy Training and Joint Injection Courses are excellent and also recommended. 


Laura Farinella
HCPC Registered Clinician 

Top-notch for practical placements, HCPC registration and interview preparation, and work placements. Thank you, Monroe Medical. 

Highly recommended for CORU registration and HCPC registration.

We closely collaborate with partners to meet their workforce needs, providing customized solutions for their success.

Our awards

Medical Recruitment Agency of the Year 

Best Medical Training Provider  of the Year 

Best Physiotherapy Provider  of the Year 


We are the first UK based company who offers HCPC adaptation placements and CORU registration solutions.  

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Contact Us

Monroe Medical

Unit 581

Moat House

54 Bloomfield Avenue 

Belfast BT5 5AD

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