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Monroe Medical was established in 2012 to answer the tremendous need for quality treatment and innovative medical training. We offer an award-winning Joint Injection Course, PRP Training and a Manual Therapy Diploma Workshop. 

We also specialise in helping candidates to become HCPC registered and, find work in the UK and obtain the most advanced qualifications in the UK in Injection Therapy and Ozone Therapy. 


We are the first clinic in Northern Ireland to offer PRP injections and Joint Injections (using the  double spin method). Our patients recommend us for fast results and innovative, holistic approaches. 


In relation to our HCPC registration and CORU consultancy. We are proud to say that we helped over 500 candidates to obtain HCPC registration.   in the UK.  Many of them found work in the UK, completed practical placement, finished study and maintained their HCPC registration status. 

Our medical training was rewarded and we assisted many candidates to introduce innovative treatments not only in the UK but also abroad.  


We are pioneers in healthcare services. 


Saurabh Gupta, Physio Works Clinics, Norfolk 

Anna Studencka, Counsellor, Lisburn 

HCPC registration

Lolita Mitevska
Clinical Educator 

Thank you Monroe Medical for excellent assistance with clinical placement and interview preparation. My dream to work for the NHS in Cambridge came true. 

HCPC registration

Gabirella Pasztor HCPC Registered Senior Physiotherapist 

Professional help with registration, adaptation placement and HCPC registration  procedures. Highly recommended. Injection Therapy Training and Joint Injection Courses are excellent and also recommended. 

hcpc registration

Laura Farinella
HCPC Registered Clinician 

Top notch for practical placements,HCPC registration and   interview preparation and work placements. Thank you, Monroe Medical. 

Joint Injections

Joint Injections in Belfast - innovative  Treatment - non-surgical alternative to a surgery 

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HCPC Registration, CORU registration - changes and challenges 

Our partners

Our awards

Medical Recruitment Agency of the Year 

Best Medical Training Provider  of the Year 

Best Physiotherapy Provider  of the Year 

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We are the first UK based company who offers HCPC adaptation placements 

We are the only  company which offers Ozone Therapy and PRP Training approved by the UK insurance company 

We have helped over 500 candidates with the HCPC registration and CORU registration 

We are the first UK based company which offers practical placements and Return to Work Programmes

We carried out over 

1000 PRP injections 

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M: 07460320034

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Monroe Medical NI Ltd

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