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The most common questions asked by our candidates in March about HCPC registration

When will I hear from the HCPC assessors about my HCPC application? I forwarded my form three months ago.

HCPC assessors are extremely busy at present.

Sometimes you have to wait few weeks to obtain an update and reply abut your HCPC registration forms.

Please be assured HCPC Registration Department will definitely come back to you with an update and information.

What are current compensatory measures if my HCPC Registration form is not fully approved?

If HCPC registration assessors identify some gaps and shortfalls in your HCPC registration form, you may be asked for the following:

- aptitude test called also a competence exam

- case studies

Please contact us and we will provide further information about our professional assistance in relation to the above requirements and HCPC Registration

Do I need to be based in the UK to apply for the HCPC registration?

No, you can apply for the HCPC registration from any country.

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