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Practical sessions in physiotherapy and Return to Work Porgrammes HCPC

What if there are gaps in your CV?

Clinical experience is vital in the UK. If you have gaps in employment, clinical experience is vital when you apply for HCPC registration. Also, for the NHS job application process it is beneficial to list your recent clinical experience.

Some employers specifically ask for physiotherapy experience from UK clinics.

If you haven’t worked as a physiotherapist for a number of years, this may be questioned when you submit your HCPC registration forms.

We can offer practical physiotherapy sessions in the UK.

The certificate can be used for the HCPC application, as well as for your CPD portfolio.

If you have applied for jobs in the UK and you are not successful lack of UK clinical experience might be one of the reasons.

Many UK employers ask candidates to demonstrate physiotherapy experience gained in the UK.

To answer interview questions correctly candidates will need to understand the UK physiotherapy system.

This is only possible when candidates take part in practical physiotherapy sessions in the UK.

Our practical sessions can also be used as a Return-to-Work programme.

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