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Injection Therapy Course - FAQ

What is difference between PRP Joint Injection and Joint Injection Therapy?

Joint Injection Therapy relates to injecting either steroid, collagen or hyaluronic acid into the joint.

PRP Injection Therapy stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It simply means to inject plasma (part of patient’s blood) into the joint.

The effects may also vary.

Steroid Injection Therapy may help with pain and swelling.

Hyaluronic acid helps in the growth of joint's cartilage. Hyaluronic acid also promotes the growth of new tissue.

Please ring Monroe Medical to obtain information about Joint Injections in London and Joint Injections in Dublin. We also offer Joint Injections in Belfast.

Our award winning company provides an advanced and comprehensive MSK Joint Injection Course in London and Intra – Articular Injections in Dublin and Belfast.

Someone told me about an excellent earning potential after successful completion of Joint Injection Course for Physiotherapists. Please explain.

Patients in England pay on average £500 for one joint injection.

Please note 3- 5 injections (every 4-6 weeks) would be required to maximise results.

PRP Joint Injection prices may vary from £400 - £550.

Would I need additional equipment to offer Injection Therapy and PRP Therapy in my clinic?

You will need to have a centrifuge machine to perform PRP Injections and PRP Therapy.

I don't like to take blood but I truly believe in PRP Injections and its positive effects for joints. Any suggestions?

It is recommended that two clinicians preform PRP Injections or Joint Injections.

One therapist or phlebotomist takes blood and a physiotherapist injects plasma or steroid into the joint.

At Monroe Medical we work closely with nurses and phlebotomists who take blood samples in a professional manner.

Will I need another insurance or registration?

Our Injection Course and PRP Course are approved by Finch Group.

You do not need any additional registration or membership.

Joint Injection Course London

Joint Injection Course Belfast

Joint Injection Course Dublin


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