How to register with HCPC in the UK – updated version

To work legally in the UK, candidates would need to register with the HCPC in the UK.

What documents are required to register with HCPC in the UK?

Candidates would need to submit the following:

- Course Injection Form

- HCPC Registration form

- Final degree

- Proof of address

What changes were introduced after Brexit?

The HCPC registration forms are exactly the same.

European candidates would need to complete so called International HCPC registration forms instead of the “European recognition” forms.

How to register with HCPC without a valid experience? I only have 3 years post grad experience.

HCPC does not specify how many months/ years of experience is required to register with HCPC.

However, your experience, transcript and work placements play an important part in the HCPC registration process.