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HCPC registration

HCPC Registration - my journey

I am from India and my dream was to come to the UK and work as a physiotherapist.

I looked at the NHS websites and found our that HCPC Registration would be required to work legally in the UK.

I asked my friend in hospital about HCPC registration but they didn't know much about it.

I asked on few Facebook groups as well about HCPC Registration but the messages were very mixed and everyone gave a different advice.

One of my friends recommended Monroe Medical's YouTube.

There are free details and information bout IELTS, HCPC Registration forms etc.

I watched the YouTube videos and was encouraged and started believing that my dream about HCPC registration could become a reality.

I downloaded the HCPC Registration forms but the Experience section was very difficult for me because I didn't know what to write.

Also I was slightly confused about the Course Information form.

I rang Monika from Monroe Medical and Doctor Shishir.

They were very nice and professional and answer all my questions about HCPC registration.

They motivated me and when I saw reviews from candidates who obtained HCPC registration via them I wasn't hesitant.

I started HCPC registration process with Monroe Medical and from the first step I had great support.

All the questions regarding HCPC registration and Experience section were answered and practical help was offered.

When my HCPC registration form was ready, I forwarded it to HCPC via post and 5 months afterwards I received my HCPOC registration.

In the meantime, there was one problem that HCPC did not answer my query and Monroe Medical helped to contact HCPC registration department. It was great because it took pressure out of me.

I would highly recommend Monroe Medical for HCPC registration and help with HCPC forms.

Great people and professional services.

Thank you


HCPC registration


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