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HCPC Registration

HCPC Registration-Testimonial

I was struggling with my HCPC Registration. I was asked to do adaptation and could not find a place for Cardio-Respiratory practical placements.

It was very challenging to find a clinic which could offer a period of adaptation.

I lost hope about my HCPC Registration.

Someone recommended Monroe Medical to me and advised to ring them about HCPC regulation.

I had many doubts but Monika was very friendly and professional.

She directed me to London clinic where I could finalise practical placement.

Monika ensured all the letters and reports were sent to HCPC Registration Department.

1 month afterwards I received my HCPC Registration and I am now fully registered clinician.

Please do not hesitate to contact Monroe Medical if you would like to register with HCPC.

Gabriela Pasztor

HCPC Registered Physiotherapist.


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