HCPC registration for physiotherapists in the UK.

How to register with the HCPC in the UK?

Many clinicians struggle with the HCPC forms, additional documents and HCPC registration procedures.

Please find below a detailed guide relating to HCPC registration procedures for physiotherapists.

Firstly, physiotherapists would need to download an application form from the HCPC website.

In Section 1 you would need to provide your details – name, surname, address etc.

Please note, you do not need to have NIN (National Insurance Number) if you have not worked in the UK.

In Section 2 you need to provide information about your qualifications.

It is crucial to add an email address to someone (course direction, secretary etc.) who will confirm that you completed physiotherapy course.

Not every candidate will be verified by the HCPC assessors.

However, If HCPC approaches a contact person (indicated by you in the HCPC application form) and a reply is not obtained, the entire HCPC application process will take longer.

Section 3 is an extremely important element. You will need to describe your clinical experience.

It is not enough to indicate where you have worked. HCPC officials wold expect details relating your skills, conditions, assessment methods and standards of proficiency.