Live in care Sittingbourne – CF - specialist care.

Live in care Sittingbourne – CF - specialist care.

I was born with CF and my Mum also had CF.

This is a disease which affects Cardio-respiratory system.

Since I was 11 we had a private home care in Sittingbourne because my mum was working and we needed assistance with my exercises and house duties.

When I was 20 my condition has improved. I was still on medication but I could work part time and I have attended Pulmonary classes.

This was a great help.

For the last 2 years my health deteriorated slightly.I have often chest infection and as many already know CF also affects many other systems in your body.

My friend has recommended Monroe Medical and their live in care in Sittingbourne services.

Monroe Medical introduced an excellent carer – Radu. He is a male nurse from Romania and he is trained to provide ACBT and exercises and abdominal breathing techniques.

This is a great help for me to maintain a clear chest.

I am grateful for home care in Sitingbourne provided by Monroe Medical.

Their prices are affordable and I feel that through exercises I can avoid infections.

Sometime I do not have appetite and this is because of CF.

Because f these regular exercises and home made meals by Radu I feel so much better.

I hope that soon I will go back to work on a part time basis. This is an excellent company which combines physiotherapy and live in care in Sitingbourne. Highly recommended.

Joanne Eastwood

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