Live in care Longfield – traumatic brain inury review

My name is Anna. I work as a social worker and I had a fall in 2017.

This was when I was helping my Mum to clean the room and I just had a fall from the top of the stairs.

The brain injury was mild but I had to stay in hospital for 3 days.

The main symptoms I have experienced were a short term memory loss, confusion and chronic headaches.

My sister Joanna rang Monroe Medical as it was recommended by our friend who used their live in care services in Longfield.

I reveived an excellent help from Monroe Medical.

Their carer – Gosia – helped me when I needed with shopping and reminding me about various appoitnemtns.

I was off work for 4 months.

Home care in Longfield was certenly needed.

Gosia went for a walk with me every day and that helped.

My headeaches now are less severe.

I recommend Monroe Medical and its home care Longfield services.

Thank you,


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