Live in care Hemel Hempstead – specialist care – spinal injuries

I had a car accident in 2016.

This was in 3 miles from Hemel Hmepstead three days before Christmas.

I woke up in a hospital bed and was told that I lost muscle power from the lumbar spine region down.

It took me nearly a year to reconcile myself with this situation.

There were many adaptations in the house and various equipment was brought in.

This was a major change.

I had three carers from the hospital who came 4 times on daily basis.

However, sometimes I needed additional support.

I googled “home care Hemel” and there were various comapnies but I saw that Monroe Medical provides physio as well. This was important because my physio sessions were only once a month.

I rang live in care Hemel Hempstead office and Monika who is a Senior Physio offered an assessment and advice about exercises and transfers.

This was very useful.

She introduced an excellent live in carer – Natalia.

Natalia not only helped with my daily activities but also helped with transfers and followed up an exercise programme which I did with her on daily basis for upper body,

These exercises helped a lot with transfers and helped with my well-being.

I recommend Monroe Medical as a top home care provider in Heme Hemstead.

Arthur Poradzewski,Hemel Hempstead

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Monroe Medical is an introductory agency as defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and RQIA. We vet, check, train and introduce self-employed carers to clients. Monroe Medical is the trading name of Monroe Medical NI Ltd, a company registered in Northern Ireland (NI616503). 


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