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Injection Therapy Belfast Joint Injection Belfast

Joint Injection is Belfast provided by Monroe Medical were excellent.

I had injection therapy in Belfast.

I suffer from OA in my both knees. I had many physio sessions and it helped my pain only for 3-4 weeks.

I was very anxious about joint injection but Monika and Konrad explained everything via phone and during an initial assessment. I had time to think and to go through leaflets.

The procedure was not painful. I had to rest 2 days but afterwards.

I had to wait for results 2 weeks but there is no pain and my range of movements in my both knees is nearly back to normal.

I had two injections. I am pleased I decided to have joint injection in Belfast.

My doctor wanted to provide steroid injection but Monika recommended collagen and PRP injection.

This was much better because it is natural and side effects were only mild discomfort and mild pain in my left knee for 2 days.

I am really happy joint injection worked so well.

Thank you Monika and Konrad

Jo Kelly

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