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Private home care London and Physiotherapy – Stroke Rehab Review

I had a right sided stroke in 2017.

I cant remember really what happened because my daughter rang hospital and I woke up in a hospital bed.

It was very strange and scary because I did not feel the right site of my body.

I wanted cry but I couldn’t.

To cut the story short – I spent 2 months in hospital and I had to learn from the beginning how to drink, eat, swallow and lift a cup of tea.

My daughter has arranged private home care in London - Monroe Medical.

I know that my other neighbour – Mark – who had a mild dementia and knee replacement was also using live in care in London.

However, as far as I was aware, a physio service had to be arranged as a separated service.

Monroe Medical is different.

This company is run by physios and live in carers in London are trained by Monroe Medical.

After I left hospital I could manage well at home.

Of course I needed help but with a mild assistance I could walk with the frame and I could get up with a mild help.

I still wanted to get better but the NHS physio said that I reached maximum potential and discharged me.

Monroe Medical again came to rescue.

Their live in care London service was superb.

They have placed carer who practiced walking with me and transfers.

I needed encouragement.

After 6 months I could lift a cup of tea myself - what a joy.

I could walk 30 meters without any support or Zimmer frame.

This was my main achievement.

I still work with my carer and physio to improve strenght in my writst.

I am grateful for live in care in London provided by Monroe Medical.

Without their help I am not sure where would I be in relation to walking, lifting objects and transfers from bed to chair. Superb London private home care agency.

Richard Tully, London

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