Private home care London and Physiotherapy – Stroke Rehab Review

I had a right sided stroke in 2017.

I cant remember really what happened because my daughter rang hospital and I woke up in a hospital bed.

It was very strange and scary because I did not feel the right site of my body.

I wanted cry but I couldn’t.

To cut the story short – I spent 2 months in hospital and I had to learn from the beginning how to drink, eat, swallow and lift a cup of tea.

My daughter has arranged private home care in London - Monroe Medical.

I know that my other neighbour – Mark – who had a mild dementia and knee replacement was also using live in care in London.

However, as far as I was aware, a physio service had to be arranged as a separated service.

Monroe Medical is different.

This company is run by physios and live in carers in London are trained by Monroe Medical.

After I left hospital I could manage well at home.

Of course I needed help but with a mild assistance I could walk with the frame and I could get up with a mild help.

I still wanted to get better but the NHS physio said that I reached maximum potential and discharged me.

Monroe Medical again came to rescue.

Their live in care London service was superb.