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Live in care Birmingham – specialist care for patients with Cardio-vascular problems


I had a heart attack in 2015.

I was 68 and under a lot of pressure because of my divorce and retirement.

I already had a home care Birmingham input from an agency.

This was mainly because I had a right hip replacement and I need a short term help.

After a heart attack things were very different.

Not only I had to recover from a weakens in my hip but also I was really without energy after heart attack.

We live on the second floor and even climbing stairs was an issue for me.

My son Mike rang many Birmingham live in care companies.

They were good but only one could offer live in care Birmingham service and physiotherapy programmes.

Without physio I was lost.

In hospital physios practiced stairs with me and that was good but I felt I need more.

Monroe Medical provided great carer from Poland – Daria who did breathing exercises with me, cooked health meals and practiced walking with me.

She also assisted with shopping because climing stairs was a nightmare.

Now years after this siutaiton, I am a new born man.

I can walk over 2 miles and Daria helped me to start healthy eating.

I recoomend Monroe Medical as a professional and best home care Birmingam provider.

Frank Edgar, Birmingham

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