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Professional care services in Belfast – case study

Professional care services in Belfast – case study

We provide quality care services in Belfast to older people in their own homes, where they are most happy and comfortable.

We were approached in May 2018 by Jill (51) in relation to homecare in Belfast.

Jill suffers from MS and she made enquiries about live in care services.

We provided a comprehensive assessment and visited Jill to understand her needs and requirements.

“I could not find a live in carer in Belfast. All what I was offered by other homecare agencies in Belfast was 4-5 daily visits. The visits did not last longer than 30 min.” – said Jill.

“I am also disappointed because various care services in Belfast did not providecontinuity of care. Every day I had a different carer. This was difficult. I understand that care services in Belfast are under pressure. However, it is crucial that the patients receive quality and professional care”.

Jill was thrilled by an innovative idea of having an experienced and professional live-in carer.

We provided CV’s of qualified nurses and physiotherapists with excellent references and caring attitude.

Jill interviewed Marina – a Bulgarian carer and a nurse with 15 years’ experience.

“Marina helps on daily basis with washing, dressing and cleaning. This is a superb service.

She also provides exercises and rahab programmes to improve my mobility. Marian and I can talk for hours.

Monroe Medical equals top class home care in Belfast. Thank you”.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion in relation to home care services and live in care service.

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