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Why do people search for quality private healthcare?

People search for private healthcare providers in Northern Ireland for many reasons.

The most common reasons are: lengthy NHS waiting lists and continuity of care.

Home care sector in Northern Ireland has been very popular since 2014.

It is a professional care service that enable people to live in their own homes. This professional services are provided by experienced carers or nurses.

“Home care in Northern Ireland is a relatively a new term” – said our client Joanna from Lisburn.

“Monroe Medical gave me the assistance I need to keep living in my own home”.

Many clients also search for cost effective solutions and various alternatives to a nursing home placements.

We offer competitive rates. Homecare in Northern Ireland costs around £15 an hour.

There is no doubt that private healthcare in Northern Ireland is growing. Many clients seek quality care service.

At Monroe Medical we offer practical home help not just for the elderly, but also for those with disabilities, with mental illness, and anyone who struggles with practical tasks at home.

Searching for a private healthcare in Northern Ireland can be a time-consuming process.

However, at Monroe Medical we ensure that professional care is delivered on daily basis.

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