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STOP PRESS The need for private home care in Northern Ireland is rapidly growing.

Private home care has been very popular since 2015.

Every week potential costumes contact us to make enquiries about experienced live in carers, home care services and physiotherapy programmes.

Not everyone can look after their relatives on a full time basis.

Moreover, the hourly care provided by health service can be insufficient to ensure daily dedication for professional care.

Our private “care in the home” division in Northern Ireland offers a professional service, top class carers and continuous engaging supervision.

At Monroe Medical we provide not only professional care, we also endeavour to provide effective rehab programmes and physiotherapy exercises for our clients to promote independence and improve well-being.

People live longer. Many of our patients have relatives and children who live abroad.

Health services in Northern Ireland are under a huge pressure and struggle with staffing problems.

That is why a need for a private home care services is growing, especially in Northern Ireland.

We believe, that at Monroe Medical we can answer this growing demand for quality care service.

Please contact us now for a free confidential consultation with our Senior Nurse and Physiotherapist.

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