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Testimonial/Case Study

Testimonial/Case Study

Michael G. approached Monroe Medical in June 2018 in relation to live in care service for his mother age 73.

His mother suffered from Dementia and underwent a hip replacement surgery 4 months previously.

Our registered Senior Physiotherapist provided a comprehensive assessment. This professional assessment was made at Michael’s mother house.

Michael’s mother needed not only assistance with washing and dressing but also walking practice and daily exercises to improve confidence.

Live in care seemed a perfect solution for this elderly client.

One week after the assessment we provided excellent CV’s of experience carers from our extensive Data Base.

Michael and his mother interviewed live in carers via Skype.

A carer with nursing background and 12 years’ experience was chosen and a starting date was arranged.

After 6 weeks Michael provided the following feedback:

“Live in care service works really well for us. Margarita - our Live in Carer helps with house work, personal care and supervises walking skills with the support of the physiotherapist from Moreno Medical. We would never have achieved this type of professionalism.

I lead a busy life and I could not be there for my mum every time.

In the past we had 3 visits (calls). Every day there was a different carer. This was difficult for my mother who already suffers from mild dementia.

Exercises, regular physiotherapy visits with daily rehab programmes has helped my mum gain her confidence and stability”.

Live in care service offers professional assistance on a daily basis.

It is a unique and innovative service in Northern Ireland.

To find out more about live in care services in Northern Ireland please visit our website.

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