Injection therapy course physiotherapy - review from our candidate

MSK Injection Therapy Course for Physiotherapists

Reviews from our candidates who took part in our MSK Injection Therapy Course in London.

I was looking for Corticosteroid Injection Course in the UK.

When I was informed by Monroe Medical that they not only teach steroid injection application but also collagen injections, I was very pleased. Many patients ring and ask for an alternative to steroid injections.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid injections may contribute to regeneration and reduce pain.

I completed two training programmes provided by Monroe Medical - Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Course, also called MSK Injection Course and PRP Injection Course for Physiotherapists.

I use PRP injection for joints in my clinic for patients who prefer a holistic approach.

MSK Injection Therapy Training Course consists of theoretical and practical part and there are many live presentations which I really enjoyed.

Now I can mix PRP Injections with collagen and this is very unique. I highly recommend Joint Injection Course in the UK.

PRP Injection Training was also very beneficial. Not many clinicians offer PRP Injections in England.