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HCPC Registration - re-submission of the HCPC Registration forms

Have you received a refusal letter from the HCPC?

Have you been refused entry to the HCPC Registrar?

If candidates do not fulfil the HCPC Standards of Proficiency, HCPC Registration assessors may ask for further evidence of necessary experience.

If candidates have gaps in employment, it can also lead to a refusal.

If there are shortfalls relating to clinical experience and independent practice candidates may be asked for additional requirements.

What can I do if I have been refused an entry on the HCPC Register?

If you have been refused entry to the HCPC register, you need to read your HCPC Decision Letter carefully.

You can re-apply and re-submit your HCPC Registration forms.

However, if HCPC registration assessors have identified gaps in your application you need to ensure these can be accounted for.

For instance, if you do not have enough of it you need to gain clinical experience.

If HCPC assessors identified some gaps relating to the subjects you studied, you need to either go back to university or complete some CPD courses.

Once these gaps and shortfalls are sorted you can re-apply for the HCPC registration.

What can I do if I disagree with the Decision of the assessors?

Some candidates will have a right to appeal. Please check your HCPC Decision Letter for further information.

On some occasions it will be more beneficial to submit a fresh HCPC Registration form.

However, it is vital to ensure that previous gaps and shortfalls listed in your HCPC Decision Letter, have been identified and dealt with.

If the HCPC assessors identify gaps in your experience, you will need to complete a practical placement.

If there were gaps relating to your curriculum then your need to ensure you have clinical knowledge about the relevant modules and standards.

It is vital to have good grounds to appeal.

The appeal is a complex process and sometimes it is more beneficial to re-submit your application.

Please ring us for a confidential discussion to help further your clinical career.

We can also help with practical sessions for you, if required.

Can I re-submit my HCPC application?

Yes, you can.

If for some reason your admission process was stopped you can submit a new application.

However, you will need to approach the HCPC Registration department in writing and ask to withdraw your initial application.

What is HCPC Re-submission?

Simply it means submitting your HCPC application form for the second time.

Please ring us to find out more about the re-admission process.


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