Are you a physiotherapist?

Would you like to work as a physiotherapist in the UK?

We can assist with HCPC registration

How to register as a physiotherapist with HCPC?

To work legally as A PHYSIOTHERAPIST, you would need to obtain HCPC registration.

Many candidates ask Monroe Medical if there is a way to bypass this process.

Physio is a regulated profession in the UK and each physiotherapist would need to be HCPC registered to work legally in the UK in a hospital or private clinic.

What is HCPC?

HCPC is a regulatory body based in the UK. This governmental organisation is responsible for registration for physiotherapists, radiographers and biomedical scientists.

What is HCPC registration form?

To register with the HCPC, candidates would need to complete HCPC registration form and also add various documents and Course Information form.