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Are you a physiotherapist?

Would you like to work as a physiotherapist in the UK?

We can assist with HCPC registration

How to register as a physiotherapist with HCPC?

To work legally as A PHYSIOTHERAPIST, you would need to obtain HCPC registration.

Many candidates ask Monroe Medical if there is a way to bypass this process.

Physio is a regulated profession in the UK and each physiotherapist would need to be HCPC registered to work legally in the UK in a hospital or private clinic.

What is HCPC?

HCPC is a regulatory body based in the UK. This governmental organisation is responsible for registration for physiotherapists, radiographers and biomedical scientists.

What is HCPC registration form?

To register with the HCPC, candidates would need to complete HCPC registration form and also add various documents and Course Information form.

Please contact Monroe Medical to enquire about the above professions and eligibility.

How to register as a Physiotherapist in the UK?

If you have a degree or diploma in physiotherapy, you can legally apply for HCPC Registration.

Please remember HCPC registration assessors also take into consideration your syllabus, experience etc.

Please ensure you fulfil the following elements to apply as a physiotherapist in the UK.

- You hold a physio degree from overseas

- You completed student internship/student practical placements

If you answered the above questions positively, you can fill in an online HCPC registration form.

A guide to obtaining HCPC Registration.

1. Ensure you have all the required documents. Please click here to read about required documents

2. Read the HCPC Registration guiding notes

3. Fill in the HCPC Registration form

4. Submit the application form and fee

How long would I need to wait to know if my HCPC Registration is successful?

The processing time depends on many factors.

If the HCPC registration forms are completed correctly and HCPC registration assessors do not ask for further details, it should take approx. 2 to 3 months for an update.

How to get HCPC registration as a healthcare professional?

Your HCPC registration pathway depends whether you completed your study in the UK or abroad.

What documents should I forward together with my HCPC application form?

- A completed HCPC registration form

- Certified copies of two forms of ID

- Course Information form

- A proof of your address

I live in the UK since 2005 and I use English on a daily basis. Would that be enough to obtain HCPC registration?

If you live in the UK and you use English as your first language, you do not need an IELTS certificate. You can forward HCPC Registration form and tick the box that English is your first language.



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