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Specialist home care in Belfast

Muscular Dystrophy (MD)- caring for someone who suffers from MD

There are over 70.000 patients in the UK who suffer from this distressing condition.

MD is caused by various changes in the genes responsible for proper muscle functioning.

Because of these abnormalities, many patients can experience muscle weakness and difficulties with standing and breathing.

Since 2015 Monroe Medical provides specialist live in care in Belfast for clients who suffer from MD.

The latest research confirmed that regular physiotherapy, exercises and berating exercises can help and reduce these distressing symptoms caused by MD.

Our live in carers in Belfast are trained in all aspects of care.

They also can provide specialist and quality home care in Belfast for clients who suffer from MD.

That is why a continuous home care and regular physiotherapy exercises for MS can be extremely beneficial.

We can offer this specialist live in care in the following locations:

  • Live in care Belfast - specialist care

  • Live in care Birmingham - specialist care

  • Live in care Northern Ireland.

Upon an assessment, our carer may offer the following methods:

Passive movements to maintain a normal range of motions

Active movements to maintain muscle power for as long as possible

Transfer practice to promote independence

Therapeutic massage and acupressure to reduce pain

The latest research also confirms that a regular physiotherapy can reduce various distressing symptoms of MD.

These symptoms are:

  • Muscle weakness

  • Difficulties with walking, standing and transfers

  • Poor balance

  • Poor posture

  • Breathing difficulties

Please ring Monroe Medical to enquire about home care in Belfast and live in care in Belfast and surrounding areas.

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