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HCPC Aptitude Test - Physiotherapy

Aptitude test HCPC for physiotherapists

Many candidates enquire about HCPC Aptitude Exam.

HCPC Aptitude Test consist of various elements described in HCPC Decision Letter.

It is usually a face to face interview where the candidate is asked about various core areas of physiotherapy.

If your Decision Letter states that there are shortfalls in Neurology and MSK, you can expect questions relating to Neurorehabilitation, Respiratory assessments and treatment programmes.

It is important to know all the Standards of Proficiency in relation to the core areas stated in the Second Record of Assessment.

The most common standards are:

  • Independent skills relating to assessment and diagnosis

  • Independent skills in knowledge in relation to evaluation and monitoring of treatment programmes

  • Maintaining confidentiality

  • Outcome Measures

During an Aptitude Test you can be also asked about your experience in a particular core area and about clinical reasoning/EBP.

Many of these answered can be prepared.

We can also offer intense mentoring and practical placements that the candidate can obtain vital knowledge and experience in relation to MSK, Cardio-Respiratory and Neurology.

Knowing various elements of the UK based assessments can be also helpful during HCPC Aptitude Test for Physiotherapists.

In order to obtain more information about HCPC Aptitude Test for Physiotherapists, please ring Monroe Medical and our Registered Physiotherapists will provide additional details.

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