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Dementia care London

One of our excellent live in carer in London - Anna – answers various questions in relation to home care in London.

“Anna, why did you chose a career in care and Dementia?”

My Mum suffered from Dementia and I looked after her for 5 years

I understood that a professional care and attention was crucial to keep my Mum comfortable and allow her to be independent as long as possible.

I want to use my experience to help others.

“This is great, Anna. Where did you train?”

I completed a social work degree in 2015.

I have worked as a social worker in London. However, we mainly had to focus on paper work and I had very little contact with the patients and clients.

A friend of mine recommended Monroe Medical and I contact one of the consultants and was interviewed and was successful.

I completed, in the meantime, courses in Manual Handling, Exercises and First Aid.

These certificates helped me to provide professional live in care in London.

“Anna what is important in order to help the clients who suffer from Dementia”

The most important is that there is the same carer for as long as possible.

Familiar surrounding are also important.

I try to encourage my patients to remain active and take part in daily exercises and walking.

Please contact us for additional information in relation to live in care in London and Dementia care.

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