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Homecare in Belfast is something special - interview with Bistra – live in carer who works in Belfas

Homecare in Belfast is something special - interview with Bistra – live in carer who works in Belfast.

Bistra is our experienced Live in Carer works in Belfast since 2016.

Bistra answers questions relating to live in care and differences between private healthcare in Bulgaria and Northern Ireland?

Jack: Could you, please compare private healthcare in Northern Ireland and private healthcare in Bulgaria?

Bistra: I was amazed that the healthcare is free in Northern Ireland. The medication is also free.

In Bulgaria we need to pay for various treatments and the waiting lists are very long. We also pay for medication - they are expensive.

Jack: How do you like Northern Ireland?

Bistra: I love Northern Ireland. People are friendly. When I have a day off I go for a hiking trip. Love the landscape.

Jack:Why did you chose Monroe Medical?

Bistra: There are many homecare providers in Belfast. However, when I contacted Monroe Medical I was offered a face-to-face meeting and interview. I was interviewed twice to ensure that I am the right candidate and completed comprehensive training. I am supervised and when I wanted to ask about practical issues, Monroe Medical was always there for me.

Jack: What is your background, Bistra?

Bistra: I am a senior nurse in Bulgaira and I have 13 years nursing experience and 5 years live in care experience. I like helping people. It is my calling.

Jack: Please compare homecare in Belfast and Bulgaria.

Bistra: Home care is not well known in Bulgaria. However, I can see that there are few companies which offer quality care.

Very often children look after parents. However, I believe that the situation might change soon because people work longer and also go abroad.

Homecare in Belfast is professional. This is something special.

Offering people quality care in the comfort of their own home is something I would like to be a part of until the rest of my career. Home care is also a great way to impact people, help them and improve their well-being.

Jack: Thank you very much Bistra and all the best with your live in care placements in Belfast.

Bistra: Thank you, Jack.

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